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Stubborn plants interesting

May 21, 2012 When many people hear the word Iris, they immediately think of large showy bearded iris flowers. more »»

Getting the garden in order for another summer

May 16, 2012 This year, the Tribune Chronicle is trying something different for our annual “How Does Your Garden Grow?” series — they’re turning me loose in the garden. Now, this isn’t that big of a stretc. more »»

Fairies not the only miniatures

May 14, 2012 What is it about miniatures that everyone finds so fascinating? Just like gardening has seen a resurgence in interest in the past 20 years, so has the world of miniature. more »»

Not all herbs are for eating

April 30, 2012 Common garden herbs, such as basil, oregano, marjoram, chives, parsley and sage can quickly fill not only an herb garden, but your pantry, too, if you save what grows over the summe. more »»

Making compost is first rule

April 23, 2012 If you are a gardener, April is probably your busiest month. more »»

Sharing fish with blue herons

April 16, 2012 We’ve had a small fish and garden pond in our backyard for about 13 years, and every season it looks more natural in the landscape. more »»

The winter that never was

April 2, 2012 There was a lot to take in as far as the gardening world over the past few month. more »»

Sweet potatoes are possible

March 12, 2012 Every year I say I am going to grow sweet potatoes, and every year I procrastinate. Maybe itás because Iám not really a fan. I know they are supposed to be good for u. more »»

Herbs are similar, different

March 5, 2012 Because the National Garden Bureau has declared 2012 as the Year of Herbs, I have decided to address an issue that has been in the back of my mind for quite some time, the difference between oregano... more »»

Weird weather brings early plants

February 13, 2012 ‘‘My hellebores are blooming,’’ a friend told me last week. I think mine are too, although I haven’t taken the walk out to the backyard garden yet to find ou. more »»

New type of plant is ‘super’

February 6, 2012 When you absolutely can’t think of anything else to say, the only word left is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, at least according to Mary Poppin. more »»

New varieties make gardening fun

January 23, 2012 I’ll never forget the first time I visited a Japanese hibachi restaurant, the kind where everyone is seated around a large griddle and, other than the people you came in with, you never know who the... more »»

Order trees to plant in spring

January 2, 2012 It’s true that Arbor Day in Ohio isn’t until April, but if you plan to celebrate by planting trees, now is the time to make decisions and let your favorite local garden center know what you want. more »»

Living with poinsettias after the holidays

December 26, 2011 Christmas is over, and those beautiful poinsettias are still showing lots of colo. more »»

Poinsettias get more colorful

December 19, 2011 It’s been a few years since I’ve written a column about poinsettias, but the different plants we’re seeing in the garden centers and grocery stores these days prompted my interest in this popular... more »»

Research provides inspiration

December 12, 2011 What inspires you? More importantly, what inspires you in the garden? A couple years ago, I went around the community asking people this very question. more »»

Hollyhock patch is a happy place

December 5, 2011 For $2, you can buy a package of seeds for Malva sylvestris ‘Zebrina,’ also called miniature hollyhock or French hollyhock, from garden centers or seed catalog. more »»

Bring Brunnera to shade garden

November 25, 2011 Grab your garden notebooks and write it down, the 2012 Perennial Plant of the Year is Brunnera m. ‘Jack Frost’ PP13859. Don’t ask me what all of that means, I just call it Brunnera ‘Jack Frost. more »»

Start list for next year’s garden

November 21, 2011 Most of my garden is resting under a layer of compost and manure; what I like to call ‘‘beefing up’’ for next season. more »»

Varieties can cause confusion

November 7, 2011 Most seasons, I like to prepare for winter by growing and drying my own herbs. Over the years, I’ve managed to collect various containers with air-tight lids for storag. more »»



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