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An easy way to deal with a dreary winter

January 20, 2014 I’m getting pretty tired of these cold temperatures. more »»

Add boxwood to a proper English garden

January 13, 2014 Everyone loves an English garden, but there are many types and they are all very different. more »»

Examining the personalities of garlic

December 30, 2013 I’ve planted garlic for many years, usually whatever I could find at the local garden center and sometimes what was on sale in one of my favorite seed catalogs, but I’ve never planted hardneck garlic. more »»

Apply now for Master Gardener

December 19, 2013 Hello, Tribune Chronicle readers. December is zooming b. more »»

Finding a rosemary to last the winter

December 16, 2013 It’s no secret that I haven’t had much luck overwintering rosemary, one of the most pungent and often misunderstood herbs in the culinary garden. more »»

Bureau names Echinacea for 2014

December 9, 2013 The National Garden Bureau has named Echinacea as its favorite plant for 2014. Start planning your gardens accordingly. I love Echinacea, commonly known as coneflower. more »»

Bring nature to life in the garden

August 12, 2013 Some people love to decorate their garden with whimsical statues, colorful whirling pinwheels, nasty-looking gnomes and gargoyles and all sorts of fairy-tale characters, while others prefer the... more »»

Hens and chicks are becoming trendy

June 24, 2013 Anyone who has spent time browsing gardens on social networks lately, particularly Pinterest and Facebook, may have noticed a large number of creative succulent garden photos being posted to the... more »»

Late-blooming lilac changes color

June 3, 2013 I’ve written before about Miss Kim lilac, the late variety that opens its flowers long after the common lilac is finished blooming. But this season my Miss Kim has done something strange. more »»

It’s never too early for look for pests

April 8, 2013 A couple years ago, I went on a tirade about the Viburnum Leaf Beetle attacking the shrub just outside my bedroom window. more »»

Celebrating Presidents Day with gardens

February 18, 2013 I often write in this column the importance of keeping a garden journal to record what goes on from season to season. more »»

Start coleus seeds now for spring

January 28, 2013 All this talk about container gardening made me think of a plant that at one time dominated hanging baskets and terra cotta urns all summe. more »»

Choosing the right gift for a gardener

December 10, 2012 So your mother, father, spouse or even your offspring loves to garden, and it’s up to you to find the perfect gift this yea. more »»

Downy mildew is on attack

October 8, 2012 Back in 2010, I wrote a column warning gardeners about a potentially threatening disease moving up from the south and threatening to attack one of our most beloved herbs, basil. more »»

Should we be making way for the stink bugs?

October 1, 2012 We should consider ourselves lucky. My daughter, who lives in Maryland, sent me a rather frantic text message a few days ago. more »»

Bring plants in for the winter

September 24, 2012 As much as we hate to admit it, it’s time to start making room for the indoor plants. Temperatures this season gradually got colder as the weeks progressed. more »»

Slow gardening with an expert

September 17, 2012 I was more than just a little excited to see that one of my favorite gardeners is coming to town. Well, close to town anyway. Felder Rushing will be lecturing at 7 p.m. Sep. more »»

The wait is over for Kousa pods

September 10, 2012 Every year for at least five, I’ve been waiting for my Kousa Dogwood to display seedpods. This year, it finally happened. more »»

A look back at another year, another garden

September 5, 2012 Though there are still a few warm days left, when the time comes to turn the calendar to September, it means that the end is near for the garden. Things are beginning to wind down in my garden. more »»

Getting ready for the big move

September 3, 2012 We move twice a year. Not to a new residence, of course, but putting our indoor plants outside in the spring and bringing them inside in the fall is often like a major moving day. more »»



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