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August 11, 2013 One of the many milestones in a college student’s life is learning to live with a roommat. more »»

Lines are blurred between summer hits and pop disaster

August 11, 2013 Technology means never having to hear “Call Me Mayb. more »»

Traveling with kids

July 28, 2013 In the 1950s, the baby boom began, as soldiers returning from World War II?started their families. The federal highway system was created. more »»

Taking you on a T-shirt tour of the Mahoning Valley

July 28, 2013 I almost titled this column “Ever smelt a smelt? Just close your eyes and chew,” but I couldn’t muster 600-some words about fried fish bait you eat whole including their bones and faces, so I went i... more »»


July 21, 2013 Kerri Rickard of Niles grew up surrounded by T-shirts. In 1977, her mother, Pat Rickard, started the business Pat-t-Shirt, a rock’n’roll inspired screen printing business. more »»

Are we there yet?

July 14, 2013 With the summer season in full swing many people are planning road trips on vacation to interesting destinations. more »»

All’s fair: Torrential downpours and fried Oreos

July 14, 2013 Like everyone in Trumbull County has been saying, “It’s raining — must be fair week.” The Trumbull County Fair is back, as it has been for so many summers. And, of course, it has to rain. more »»

Have a big slice of my Fourth of July fail pie

July 7, 2013 Baking is one of those things that I guess you either get right, or fail miserably. more »»

Unraveling the FLAC lossless mysteries of the iPod

June 30, 2013 I love music. I could soundtrack every minute of my life. I’m sure there’s a song in my iPod for any occasion that may occur. Blowing up some stuff? I got “1812 Overture. more »»

Summer do’s, don’ts, and it’s summer, so whatevers

June 23, 2013 It’s officially summer now. Gentlemen, start your Foursquaring. Finally, Ohioans reap the reward of putting up with all manner of ninth-circle weather the rest of the year. more »»

Improving the city can be a real walk in the park

June 16, 2013 I grew up in Warren, and sometimes before work or during lunch I like to visit some of my old haunts from when I was a kid. I’ve checked out the fieldhouse behind Warren . more »»

School’s in for summer?

June 9, 2013 Local schools may be closed for the summer, but for some students, the summer months are a time to get ahea. more »»

How to keep from going into ‘summer festival overload’

June 9, 2013 I can smell it from this office. If I opened a window, I could hear it. If I went on the roof, I could probably see it. And pretty much the rest of the city. It’s here, and I am overjoyed. more »»

Some like it hot; everyone else can just hush up

June 2, 2013 Boy, is it hot out! Ya know, that mercury is just through the roof! The temperature increased over that of previous days! The barometric pressure of the atmosphere is downright ... Yes. It’s hot. more »»

Imagine a generation without war; It’s not as easy as you think

May 26, 2013 It seems as if there has always been a war going on my whole life. Early on, it was the war on drugs. more »»

Dances with regrets:?Why I?didn’t go to high-school prom

May 19, 2013 There are many, many high-school rites of passage. Your first football game. First bully encounter. The first time you drive to school after getting your license. Rival-school-mascot-abduction. more »»

A Mother’s Day ode —and apology —to my Mom

May 12, 2013 I am using this space to confess a gross misdeed I have recently committed. Not often has such a lowdown, dirty being slinked forth from the primordial ooze to commit such sins. more »»

Instagram? Ain’t nobody got time for apps!

May 5, 2013 So last night, I finally downloaded Instagram. Apparently my friend took a photo of me and was all a-tizzy when there was no Instagram profile of me to tag it with. more »»


April 28, 2013 The undead have taken over the radio waves. “I bring a voice to those who have felt on the outside of normal,” said Jackie Chin of Warren, host of the Internet radio show Zombiepalooza Radio. more »»



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