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Maid of honor fears a breakdown during speech

September 26, 2010 First, I would like to put to rest any rumors that might be going around that I was the one dressed as Rufus Bobcat last Saturday when the Ohio University mascot tackled Brutus the Buckeye. more »»

Buckeyes took care of business

September 19, 2010 COLUMBUS The No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes easily defeated the overmatched Ohio University Bobcats, 43-7, on Saturday at Ohio Stadium. more »»

Remembering the past, cooking up a plan for the future

September 12, 2010 Before I get going on my rant for the week, which really isn’t a rant but more of an announcement, I want to take time to remember, thank and remind. more »»

A bridesmaid’s duty:?Throw the best party ever

August 29, 2010 A staple to being any good bridesmaid, especially a good maid of honor, is throwing a great bachelorette party. And if there is one thing I am in this life, it’s a heck of a party planner. more »»

Mourning the loss of a beloved work spouse

August 1, 2010 Forgive me, my readers, for this column is going to get a little sappy. You see, an end of an era happened last week, and it’s going to take me a while to get over the fact that it’s officially ove. more »»

Nice girls don’t get their hotel rooms for free

July 4, 2010 It never ceases to amaze me how much this column makes me feel loved around the communit. more »»

Taking a vacation just like a grown-up would

June 20, 2010 Though the United States government considers me an adult, sometimes I don’t feel like one. more »»

Football isn't what Big 33 is all about

June 20, 2010 As I was doing my research and learning about the 53rd annual Big 33 Football Classic, I quickly learned this game is more than just about footbal. more »»

College friend’s determination and courage inspires

June 6, 2010 A person can find inspiration from many places. I have recently found inspiration from an old college friend, Tony Castricone. Here’s his story. more »»

It never gets old always being right

May 29, 2010 I like to think of myself as a bit of a prognosticator here at the Tribune Chronicle — you know, a sports fortune teller. More like an educated guesser, if you will. more »»

Sports make sure we stay young at heart

May 24, 2010 It is spring time in the Mahoning Valley, and yes, the high school softball tournament scene has been overtaking my life for the last two weeks. more »»

‘Glee’ devotee has song and dance ideas for the future

May 23, 2010 This week has been a bit crazed for me. Each year during the week of district softball, I log more mileage on my car than any other week of the year. more »»

Dentist visit: Pain free and the same ole me

May 9, 2010 I’ll admit it, I’ve never had a high tolerance for pain. And if you even want to break it down a little more, I’ll be honest and say that I’m a sissy, baby and any other name you could come up with. more »»

Busy times ahead for area softball

May 8, 2010 Back in February, I was talking with Tribune correspondent Lou Cali Jr., who is our representative each year at the boys state basketball tournamen. more »»

Freaking out as the big 3-0 looms on the horizon

April 11, 2010 Well, this column has been building up for four years now. I used to think I wouldn’t be freaked out by admitting what I’m about to talk about, but as the day approaches, I’m in a full-scale freakout. more »»

Becoming a dirty old lady in the ‘Twilight’ hours

March 28, 2010 I guess I could have seen this coming. Ever since I was a teeny bopper rocking my New Kids on the Block T-shirts, I’ve noticed that I have a slightly obsessive personality. more »»

Taking one for her team

March 20, 2010 When you are the daughter of a baseball coach, some things are just bound to rub off on you. I always yell, “Kid” when cheering in the dugout. more »»

Being a ‘fan’ has different meaning on Facebook

February 28, 2010 So, at the end of my last column, I stated that I was starting a Facebook group called “It’s Not Valentine’s Day, It’s Singles Awareness Day. more »»

Just another day to celebrate being single

February 14, 2010 Now that I’ve been writing this column for more than four years, I’ve found myself nearly duplicating column topics. more »»

Keeping up with today’s educational television

January 31, 2010 When we were young children, educational television was a part of many of our daily lives. Shows such as “Sesame Street,” “M. more »»



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