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Farmers wait on weather as grains near harvest

October 3, 2013 Right now it’s kind of a wait-and-see situation for area grain farmers. Their corn and soybean crops, while widely variable around the area, are out there in the fields waiting to be harvested. more »»

Making your own ice cream

September 20, 2013 Last week’s very hot weather, for some reason, made me think of making homemade ice cream in one of those old, hand-cranked ice cream freezers. more »»

Summer is no vacation on the farm

September 5, 2013 Most farmers don’t know what a summer vacation would be like. From early spring through summer and into late fall, there are what seems like a dozen and one things to do on the farm. more »»

Self-guided walk set for cemetery

September 5, 2013 ASSOCIATION TO HOLD CEMETERY TOUR: The Newton Township Cemetery Association will hold a self-guided cemetery walk from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Newton Township East Cemetery on North Canal Stree. more »»

The buzz in the bedroom

August 30, 2013 Let me tell you my recent experience with a nest of yellow jackets. Or maybe I should call this, as one of my friends suggested, the “buzz in the bedroom. more »»

Aprons tie into memories

August 9, 2013 Tucked back somewhere in a dark corner of one of your closets or maybe in that old pie safe where you are saving various items you use on your dinner table, you may have tucked some memories of Mom... more »»

Farmers busy with small grain harvest

August 8, 2013 Area farmers have been busy the past three weeks or so harvesting small grains, including a little barley, wheat and a few oats. more »»

Bugs serve as cash crops in some places

July 18, 2013 We don’t know how lucky we are living in this country! We can go to the grocery store and find on the shelves all kinds of good, safe foods. more »»

Algae bloom a hit to farmers

July 11, 2013 Recently, I participated in a dairy meeting held by the Ohio Dairy Producers and The Ohio State University Extension Service. Two topics were the main focus of the meeting. more »»

Shows offer glimpse of past

June 28, 2013 Back when Grandpa or Great-Grandpa were farming the fields of Trumbull County, they had to do their work the hard way. more »»

Crop farmers, motorists need to share

June 13, 2013 “Why are those pesky farmers out on the road with that big equipment, slowing down and blocking traffic so we can’t get any where. They shouldn’t be allowed on the road with that stuff. more »»

Back roads offer sights

May 31, 2013 You don’t need to travel far to find some diverse and interesting places to visit. Just start out and travel the back roads of Trumbull County. more »»

Spring houses provided cooling

May 3, 2013 Thinking back many years to my Grandfather Pettit’s home in North Bloomfield, I have memories of trudging down the hill south of their house to the spring house. more »»

Friends live on in memories

April 12, 2013 All too often, we don’t appreciate the importance and value of good friends until they are gone. more »»

Drink milk and thank a dairy farmer

March 21, 2013 While we can’t quite call it a “miracle” food, it is one of the healthiest foods readily available to us and doesn’t make a huge dent in our pocketbooks. more »»

Small towns, big benefits

March 1, 2013 Growing up in the small town of North Bloomfield was an important part of my early life and will always be with me. more »»

Farmers hire nutritionists for cattle

January 24, 2013 To be sure their animals get a balanced diet that provides for their health and for good production, many livestock farmers hire a nutritionist to help them prepare the best feed possible for their... more »»

Silos stand tall

January 18, 2013 Two weeks ago at the Trumbull County Food and Agriculture Breakfast, I was visiting with friends Bud and Betty Ogilbee from Kinsman. They asked why I didn’t write an article about silos. more »»

Changing technology

December 28, 2012 With the year 2012 coming to an end, I have been reflecting on the changes that I have experienced in my lifetime. more »»

Take time to understand farmers

December 27, 2012 Over the years I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with many farmers and their families. more »»



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