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GMO seeds studied to be safe, healthy

June 19, 2015 Local seed suppliers indicate that 90 to 95 percent of the corn and soybeans farmers planted in the area in May were planted to the genetically modified seeds. more »»

Sounds and sights of summer

June 5, 2015 Summer is upon us with all the sights, sounds and aromas that go with the season. Over the years many of these have remained the same while others are different. more »»

Rattling on the road

May 15, 2015 Some of you will well-remember the washboard or corduroy roads we used to travel on in Trumbull County years ago. They were roads that would shake and rattle you when you drove over them. more »»

Creamery offers milk fresh from farm

May 14, 2015 If you want to buy milk from a local dairy farm, try the Rowdy Cow Creamery, located near Burton. more »»

Life well lived with farming community

April 30, 2015 As I reflect back over my many years, much of my life has been involved in agriculture in various ways. more »»

Change in local farm areas

April 24, 2015 Thinking back to the years that I have lived in the Trumbull County area, the “face” of the county has change dramatically over those years, especially in the rural areas that I am most familiar with. more »»

County residents reflect on past

April 3, 2015 Recently I have had contacts from some interesting folks in Trumbull County. One was from Bob Smith, president of the Trumbull County Historical Society. more »»

Drones mean both good and bad news for farmers

April 2, 2015 Drones have been in the news a lot lately. When these small, remotely controlled aircraft show up around airports and close to airplanes, they are a concern. They risk the lives of a lot of peopl. more »»

A simple, handy tool

March 13, 2015 Most of us, if we have a home or farm, have a tool that we may use fairly often. It is a fairly simple tool with several variations. more »»

Many ‘milks’ ride healthy coattails of the real thing

February 26, 2015 Several companies want to take advantage of the good name and healthful qualities of real milk from dairy cows. Just go to the dairy case in your favorite food store and look at what you find. more »»

Age brings out the crankies

February 20, 2015 Back in December, I celebrated another birthday. Each year as I get older, I ask myself if I am getting a bit crankier. more »»

Binder twine saves the day

January 30, 2015 Someone once called it the “duct tape” of the late 1800s and early 1900s. That was binder twine and later baler twine. Some of you will remember binder twine and others may not. more »»

Food makes a journey to your table

January 22, 2015 Next time you sit down to your dinner table, give some thought to that food you have to enjoy. Yes, someone in the family had to take time and effort to get it ready to eat. more »»

Snow flies; times change

January 9, 2015 Winter time in northeast Ohio brings with it snow, sometimes more and sometimes less. But we know it will come sooner or later. more »»

Merry Christmas from a dairy farm

December 25, 2014 Down on the farm, Christmas will be celebrated with unusual charm. Cows will have been milked and well fed And then made ready for bed. more »»

Growing up poor left rich memories

December 19, 2014 Growing up during the Depression years was a very different time. Experiencing Christmas those years was also a bit different than today. Yet there were many similaritie. more »»

Memories of railroad towns

November 27, 2014 One of the experiences I enjoy is hearing from readers who can relate to the same events that I remembered while growing up. Recently Lloyd D. more »»

Give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy

November 27, 2014 Today is Thanksgiving Day and homemakers were busy this week doing their shopping for this day of thankfulness for all that we enjo. more »»

Richness of experience

November 7, 2014 Some of you can remember, as I can, growing up back in the Depression years of the 1930s. Our lives were different in those years when we didn’t have a lot of material things. more »»

Relic of days gone by

October 17, 2014 When you travel around rural Trumbull County, look carefully and you might spot a strange building that is a relic of by gone days. more »»



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