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Farmers play wait-and-see game

August 18, 2011 Right now, about all area farmers can do with their crops is adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Yes, they can make plans to get winter wheat planted sometime in Septembe. more »»

Farmers play wait-and-see game

August 17, 2011 Right now, about all area farmers can do with their crops is adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Yes, they can make plans to get winter wheat planted sometime in Septembe. more »»

Summer offers treats

August 12, 2011 It was a hot July, and August is not far behind. Several experts suggest that this has been a year of extremes. Our winter was long and cold, and seemed like spring would never come. more »»

Threshing was hot, dusty job

July 22, 2011 Sometimes I can still hear the “putt-putt-putt” of the big old Eagle tractor that Dad had when I was growing up. It had a two-cylinder engine and had to be started by spinning the big fly wheel. more »»

History, memories on display at show

July 14, 2011 One of the finest agricultural educational programs in our area started out on a bright, beautiful morning on July 1. more »»

Salute to freedom and a good friend

July 1, 2011 Independence Day is just three days away, and it is a time when we should seriously think about the freedom and values we share. more »»

Turning horses loose is a problem

June 16, 2011 Horses are an important livestock in our area. Not only are they widely used for pleasure or recreation but they are important as a source of power in the Amish community. more »»

Getting out and about in spring

June 10, 2011 I don’t know about you, but for me spring should be like a breath of fresh air, a time to do some things I haven’t been able to do all winte. more »»

Dairy lots of work

May 20, 2011 A few of you may remember the time way back, when there were a lot of small dairy farms in Trumbull County, most dairy cows were out on pasture from spring until winter arrived. more »»

Take time to enjoy the aromas

February 25, 2011 One Sunday after church, we were visiting with friends Jane and Don about an apple orchard that we both visit to buy apples in these winter months. more »»

Rising prices will help farmers

February 10, 2011 Those of you doing the food shopping for your home should continue to buy milk and dairy products. They not only are good for you but are one of the best food buys in the grocery store. more »»

Society preserves township history

February 4, 2011 Back in January, Roger Peterson Jr., president of the Bloomfield Historical Society, invited me down to have a little dialogue with members of the society. more »»

Man still a good source of power

January 14, 2011 Recent mail brought another interesting letter from a friend in the Amish community in the Middlefield area. more »»

Farmers should work together

January 6, 2011 Farmers in our area and across the country are all in the same boat — and they all need to row together to keep the boat afloat to provide the abundance that we enjoy. more »»

Looking ahead to a new year

December 30, 2010 As we approach the New Year, we all tend to look ahead wondering just what the year will bring. Local farmers are no different. In fact, they may have more questions and concerns than most of us. more »»

Shopping, hoping for a merry Christmas

December 24, 2010 Does this Dec. more »»

Tough choices for local couple

December 3, 2010 Sometimes we have to make decisions that are difficult. Yet circumstances indicate we need to make those decisions, tough as they may be in several way. more »»

Robot milkers let cows call shots

December 2, 2010 Dairy farmers across the entire country are constantly seeking ways to keep their cows more comfortable, produce high quality milk and improve their family’s quality of life. more »»

The man behind the table

November 4, 2010 Unfortunately, too few people in this country have heard the name Dr. Norman Borlaug. more »»

Friends from a Friday forum

October 22, 2010 Over the years in my career with Ohio State University Extension, I have enjoyed working with many different groups and individuals. That was one of the extra benefits of the jo. more »»



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