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A word salad that didn’t lead to actual salad

April 26, 2015 Sometimes, even a words girl gets misinterpreted. Hmpf. more »»

Sometimes a bad day can last 168 hours

April 19, 2015 It’s hardly any secret that “Some days are better than others.” In fact, if memory serves, that was the main advertising slogan for the Michelob brand of beer for quite a few years. more »»

Vacation full of ups and downs for Kimerer family

April 12, 2015 Sometimes, spring break is more of a compound fracture. more »»

Reflecting on important life lessons this Easter

April 5, 2015 I miss Andy Rooney. Wild eyebrows and occasionally controversial barbs not withstanding, that dude really had his stuff together. He was, as my pop likes to say, a “master of the English language. more »»

Palm Sunday really the ultimate love story

March 29, 2015 In the Valley, in the country and in essence, the world over, we Christians acknowledge today as one of significance: It is what we refer to as Palm (sometimes called Passion) Sunda. more »»

Swim team solidarity and other hair-raising tales

March 22, 2015 The thing about hair is, it’s only an issue when there’s, like, an issue. For instance, I always took my son’s awesome hair for granted because, you know, it’s hair and — he’s a boy, after all. more »»

When you need an answer, look for the signs

March 15, 2015 You know the adage, “If everyone around you is an idiot, guess who’s the jerk?” There are many variations but you get the gist. more »»

He likes me, I like him not: Stay away from scammers

March 8, 2015 He likes me. Like, a lot. So much so, in fact, that he’s called me about 28 times in the last four weeks. more »»

Waiting out these last chilly days of winter

March 1, 2015 Ah, March. Who doesn’t love the notion of longer days, warmer temps and the general frivolity and revelry associated with both St. more »»

Marking a milestone and hoping for more

February 22, 2015 So, today is the birthday of my niece, Alexis Lynne. She is 24 years old, officially. I met her when she was three; the diminutively adorable toddler niece of my then-boyfriend Kerry. She was .. more »»

‘Shrek’ holds some key lessons, no matter your age

February 15, 2015 Everything you need to know, you actually learned before kindergarten. Perhaps you just forgot. Allow me to backtrack. Lately I’ve been nostalgic for Kyle’s early childhood. more »»

There’s plenty to celebrate, even in February

February 8, 2015 The thing about February is, well, at least it’s short. more »»

Sometimes life should come with warning signs

February 1, 2015 You know, I was joking with my friend Cori about how some days you’re just feeling so crummy you want to hang a disclaimer around your nec. more »»

O Christmas tree ... it’s time to come down

January 25, 2015 Here we are, one month out. Can you believe it? In some ways, Christmas seems like a faint, distant memory. more »»

Sour grapes following sweet Buckeye win

January 18, 2015 People of earth: we did it. What’s that? Oh, no big deal. Just a little thing called the inaugural Big 10 National Championship winners. You know, Ohio State — what can we say? We’re rock stars. more »»

Irony might be God telling us to slow down

January 11, 2015 You know, I’ve always been a big fan of irony. I mean, even the word itself is rather funny to utter. more »»

Getting beyond those post-holiday blahs

January 4, 2015 It’s the most horrible time of the year. With kids fighting the school bell And everyone telling you “Hurry, be here!” It’s the most horrible time of the year. It’s the yuck, yuckiest Sunday of al. more »»

Go into the new year with a list of ‘dos,’ not ‘don’ts’

December 28, 2014 The final 2014 column — another year has time-warped right on past. Sigh. It’s hard to believe next week is 2015 but then, that time march has been in quick-step cadence since it began. more »»

A reminder of the reason for the season

December 21, 2014 It’s the Sunday before Christmas and you know what that means. Time for PK’s shameless thievery of the “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” theme. more »»

That crucial holiday card deadline approaches

December 14, 2014 It’s at this critical crossroads that each of us must make a decision that could ostensibly and significantly impact our lives forevermore. Or at least until next Christmas season. more »»



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