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Local columnist issues a mandate on reason

August 14, 2011 You know what’s really funny? Imagining that we could actually create regulations to sanction common sense and/or decency. more »»

Considering the power of words in popular music

August 7, 2011 Hi, my name is Patty. And I’m here to say, I’m a big ole stinky pooper-head. more »»

Summer is slipping away, time to get to the Point

July 31, 2011 Can you hear it? That’s the sound of summer slipping away, my friends. As much as we want to deny it, tomorrow is the first day of … wait for it … August. Gulp. more »»

Days keep melting away as temperatures climb

July 24, 2011 OK, it’s been hot lately. Really hot. Extremely, very, totally, completely, seriously hot. And I don’t care. more »»

The first annual idiomatic oxymoronic extravaganza

July 17, 2011 We all have one. Or, in the case of some of us, several. It could be a new catchphrase or an old colloquialism. Maybe it’s a title, a description, a category, or an explanation of some kind. more »»

Navigating today’s high costs of parenting

July 8, 2011 I’d really like you to read my column. And, to wit, I’d like to think that you’re truly enjoying doing s. more »»

Don’t stop believin’:?It’s true, the ‘80s are back

July 3, 2011 It’s funny how people from every generation think that their era’s popular music is, you know, the trendiest of all time. more »»

Mom keeping son on the straight and narrow

June 25, 2011 So, I have been wracking my brain about this week’s topic since about, um, last Sunday. You’d be surprised how foggy a wasteland the mind of writer can be, even on a clear summer’s mor. more »»

This Father’s Day, don’t forget your Mum

June 19, 2011 It’s Father’s Day 2011 — one very special moment in time for our Dads.  And I want to be sure to salute my dear Pop, my father-in-law, and of course, my son’s Daddy, my husband Kerry. more »»

Finding ‘I love yous’ in sickness and in health

June 12, 2011 There’s really nothing else in the world that says “I love you” like a shoe full of vomit. Honestly. Perhaps a little backtracking is in order. It was about noon last Saturday when it began. more »»

Those unexpected guests on a camping trip

June 5, 2011 Well, it was bound to happen. It’s just that I didn’t expect it to occur on only our second camping jaunt. Yes, you guessed it: We had uninvited guests. more »»

Honoring our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day

May 29, 2011 Here it is, again friends: Memorial Day weeken. more »»

Trying to resist the pangs of puppy love

May 22, 2011 To puppy or not to puppy? That is the question. And the answer is not as easy as picking out a dog collar, my friends. more »»

Mom wants to know, how young is too young?

May 15, 2011 I’ve hinted at this topic in the past. Well, I’ve skirted around the issue, really. more »»

Maternal nuggets from one mom to another

May 8, 2011 Ah, Mother’s Day. more »»

Springing into spring

May 1, 2011 I think spring has finally, FINALLY sprung. Thanks be to God. And now? Camping season. Yes, you read that right. The Kimerers are about to become camperer. more »»

Have the offspring outgrown Easter traditions?

April 24, 2011 Here we are, Easter 2011. more »»

Advice for stupid boys and the girls who like them

April 17, 2011 I know I’ve said this before. I’ll probably say it again, even beyond today’s column. Boys are stupid. Think I’m being too harsh? I give you Exhibit A. more »»

The things that take us back to simpler times

April 10, 2011 I have this very sweet friend named Mary Hazen. She’s a longtime Warren gal. When we worked together some years ago, we discovered we had many shared ideas, beliefs, and life views. more »»

One word can make all the difference

April 3, 2011 It’s funny how one little word can make or break a sentence, a thought, or even an entire legacy. Allow me to backtrack a bi. more »»



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