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Finding time to unwind, after this work email

November 24, 2013 Sure, it’d be easy to sound off about those people who insist on prematurely cannonballing into the deep end of Christmastime whilst rudely ignoring sweet little Thanksgiving … but I won’t. Hmpf. more »»

Once again, the weather outside is frightful

November 17, 2013 Oh, the weather outside is — well, let’s see. I don’t know ... neurotic? I mean, if it was a person, it would be undergoing intensive therapy sessions right about now. more »»

Mother-in-law always put family first

November 10, 2013 Although she was only a Trumbull County resident for a brief time in the early 1970s, I hope you’ll indulge me today if I share some snapshots of the life of one very special lady: Evon Ann Kimerer. more »»

Air Force crashes and burns with honor code decision

November 3, 2013 For some reason, I’ve always had a special penchant for the Air Force. more »»

An American family horror story at Cedar Point

October 27, 2013 Just in time for Halloween, an American horror story. Better make that a Mahoning Valley chilling chapter –– or maybe a getaway gone horrifically awr. more »»

Homecoming: It’s all about the girl, you guys

October 20, 2013 Ah, homecoming season. You’ve got to love it. more »»

Rules for marriage, as taught by the experts

October 13, 2013 Yesterday was a pretty big day for my mom and pop. You see it was then that they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Fifty year. more »»

In a week of bad news, it’s time to count blessings

October 6, 2013 Well, it’s been another fascinating week here on the third rock from the sun, no? As we flipped the page on a new month, we lost a modern-day literary legend (RIP Tom Clancy), witnessed a harrowing... more »»

Pondering the divine purpose of creepy crawlies

September 29, 2013 You know, I’m really, really hoping to make it up to heaven. Like, seriously. Not gonna lie (that may work against me, after all); I don’t exactly relish the thought of checking out any time soon. more »»

Appreciating the people who bring smiles to your day

September 22, 2013 Well, It is officially autumn 2013. And, at this point in autumn 2013, my friends, I am sad to report that I’m fairly hard pressed to find many happy headlines in this jumbled-up world of ours. Sig. more »»

Even an optimist can get the grumps sometimes

September 15, 2013 And another thing, what is up with the whole twerking nonsense? Call me stupid, but if I see one more ridiculous video of some misguided young woman contorting about like a scantily-clad genie tryin... more »»

Keeping an eye on the signs of the times

September 8, 2013 Maybe it’s because I’m Catholic. Perhaps it is due to my Italian-Irish lineage. Then again, maybe it’s just my “glass-is-half-full, rose-colored-glasses, the-sun’ll-come-out-tomorrow” demeanor. more »»

Submitting to the tortures of the dentist’s chair

September 1, 2013 I have to tell you about a horrendous injustice which befell both me and my sister-from-another-mister, Chris Ruggieri, just this past week and right here in Boardman and Warren, respectively. more »»

A woman’s tears are part of the package

August 25, 2013 Many, many, many of my girlfriends have shipped their kids off to college recently and I’m wearing dark colors for the next month or so in a show of support. They are sad; ergo, I am sad. more »»

When fickle summer’s attention turns chilly

August 18, 2013 Remember that one boy in high school who started ignoring you for no good reason? I mean, you thought he liked you. It seemed to be going well and then, boom. more »»

All moms are working moms, at home or in the office

August 11, 2013 I’m guilty of it. I’ve said it before and, in the interest of full disclosure, more than once. I’m not proud of it and will make a conscious effort never to do it again. Today, I’m coming clean. more »»

Recognizing the Power behind all we experience

August 4, 2013 He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if … well, you remember the rest. Yep, He know. more »»

A little laughter in memory of one who loved laughs

July 28, 2013 Friends, it is with a very heavy heart that I let you know of the passing of a truly special lady. more »»

Annual pilgrimage to the Roller Coast excites, delights

July 21, 2013 For some, it’s a trip to Disney World or several days’ worth of sunny sojourning in wine-filled Napa Valley. more »»

Enjoying the splendor of nature ... safely inside

July 14, 2013 Ah, how I love nature. Regular readers of this space know my passion for running and penchant for spending quality time at our woodland campground. more »»



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