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Dad gets praises from grateful daughter

June 19, 2016 You know that feeling you had when you were very little and you thought there was a monster under your bed or in your closet and you were so scared you couldn’t even sit upright and scream? The... more »»

Counting blessings is always in fashion

June 12, 2016 I threw away a sleeveless blouse the other day. Oh yes I did. Listen, I don't toss clothes away all willy nilly ... typically. more »»

Going buggy with all the odd happenings

June 5, 2016 I was sitting with my colleagues at a business lunch, chatting about –– you know, marketing and communications stuffs, natch — when suddenly, it happened. I nearly ate a flying ant. more »»

Military show patience, loyalty, honor, sacrifice

May 29, 2016 We humans are a fickle, selfish and intolerant bunch, aren’t we? We are easily swayed by what benefits our own interests and often switch horses mid-race if we think we’ll get more out of the second... more »»

Maybe Magic 8 Ball can answer big question

May 22, 2016 Here’s the story of a lawyer lady who was married to the leader of the free world. They were all over the place in the ’90s and had one little girl. more »»

The doctor will see you in two days and three hours

May 15, 2016 The older you get, the less you know. Well, the more you realize the vast amount of information in the universe about which you’re clueless, anyway. more »»

Mom will flip over this roller coaster

May 8, 2016 My mother is the most wonderful lady on Earth. Truth. But don’t just take my word for it; ask around. more »»

Speak Latin? Yep, and you talk it, too

May 1, 2016 I have this pal at my day job who is bilingual. He speaks English and German effortlessly. more »»

Change isn’t funny, except when it is

April 24, 2016 I don’t see what’s so funny about menopause … except for, you know, almost everything. more »»

They don’t make ’em like they used to

April 17, 2016 Miranda Lambert sings about it, how good things were before everything became so “automatic. more »»

Let’s push ‘Walking Dead’ over cliffhanger

April 10, 2016 Well, it’s been a full week no. more »»

Landmarks of wisdom mark passing of years

April 3, 2016 I may not know much … but, as my Pop always says, even a broken clock is right twice a day. In other words, somehow, I’ve kind of picked up some nuggets of wisdom along life’s road. more »»

Bifocals, purple toes bring aging into grudging focus

March 27, 2016 Sometimes you’re chugging along down life’s path, fairly contented and when BAM! Bifocals. Emphatic, irritated hmpf. more »»

Share the love — do it for Nancy and Kobe

March 13, 2016 It could be due to the passing of Nancy Reagan. Although I’m aware some didn’t share my feeling on this: I loved Nancy Reagan, period, and for many reasons. more »»

Talk to me, just make it clear please

February 28, 2016 Talk may be cheap but communication is invaluable. OK, fine, so I’m a communications director and columnist. more »»

All I need to know I learned from… Stephen King?

February 21, 2016 I think it’s 27. Maybe 29. more »»

Aaaaaay, it’s impossible to be cooler than teens

February 7, 2016 The art of being cool – that’s a tricky one. When someone says the word “cool” – which picture conjures in your brain? Steve McQueen? Paul Newman? Snoopy? It’s the lattermost for me. Seriousl. more »»

Even the blessed need to whine sometimes

January 24, 2016 Maybe it’s just the dreariness of a northeastern Ohio winter bearing down on me. Or the fact that it’s not even Ja. more »»

Open collective fans’ arms to swimmers

January 17, 2016 It's no secret that Americans love baseball ... along with apple pie, hot dogs and uh, monster trucks, I guess, but that latter one is really a whole other story. Ooh and auto racing. more »»

Being a good person in a world of bad

January 10, 2016 When I was a little girl attending St. Matthias School, we didn’t call it elementary or primary or junior or even grammar school. It was plain old grade school. more »»



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