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Let’s chew the fat over this annual New Year’s resolution thing

January 10, 2016 EDITOR’S NOTE: One week into the new year, and Cole already slipped out the back door to go on vacation. more »»

Time to turn off and tune out with Gilligan

December 27, 2015 I found the posting while surfing the Internet: It was a photograph of a lavishly serene cabin shaded by a luscious forest and fronted by white sand and clear blue waters. more »»

Nobody does up joy like humans

December 20, 2015 There is no greater collection of grumps, cranks and grouches than what shows up during the joys of the Christmas season. more »»

Key answer for reader

December 13, 2015 People often pepper me with tough questions. It’s because of my ridiculously overstocked storehouse of knowledge. “Thanks, professor,” the pests guffaw with relief after I’ve solved another dilemma. more »»

Great aging, great benefits

December 6, 2015 One of the greatest benefits of aging is no longer straining to make your own excuses. For example, if I can’t keep up with a much-younger hiker, he’ll say, “Hey, good effort, ma. more »»

Making peace with cat and mouse games

November 29, 2015 I tried not to gag as I picked up her still-warm gift. Molly meant it as the highest order of peace offering. It’s just that — how shall I put this? — I, unlike Molly, am not a cat. more »»

Men not to blame for stunts

November 22, 2015 I am fat — sturdy; I meant to say sturdy — because I am married. Science says so. more »»

Locked out, lost in thought

November 15, 2015 A number of thoughts swirl through one’s mind when one discovers one has locked oneself out of one’s car. more »»

Obtusities go bump in the night

November 8, 2015 I shuffled to my wife’s side of the bed, felt around for her tissue box, knocked over her phone, found the box, bumped a bottle of water, grabbed a tissue, blew my nose, tripped over the wastebasket... more »»

Essay fair or fowl: You be the judge

November 1, 2015 A few years back, I crafted what I hoped to be a small piece of brilliance to wow the judges of the annual Robert Benchley Society Annual Award for Humor Writing. They weren’t wowe. more »»

Get gooey with pumpkin innards focus group

October 25, 2015 Editor's note: Cole is on vacation yet again. This pumpkin goop of a Cole Classic originally ran in 199. more »»

Draamaw strikes without warning

October 18, 2015 Life has become a bit more, well, ordinary since we lost my mother-in-law this summer. She was the gift of quirkiness that kept on giving. more »»

Worries box fun out of old days

October 11, 2015 The disc jockey dusted off a recording from 1975 and announced, “Here’s a flashback from the carefree good old days.” He must not have lived in the same decade I did. more »»

Cows with a beef run rogue

October 4, 2015 We are at their udder mercy. Utter. I mean, utter mercy. I speak, of course, about the rash of rogue cows running roughshod in our neighborhoods. more »»

Questions rain like dogs and cats

September 27, 2015 It’s been a random kind of week, the sort that leaves me with more questions than answers. more »»

Red face clears over white beard when green saved

September 20, 2015 It’s gotta be the beard. Surely, it can’t be the wrinkles. They’re more like the Modest Canyon, not etched Grand Canyon deep. It can’t be the pops and creaks when I walk. more »»

Married life hamstrings date night

September 13, 2015 I almost went on a date with my wife. Once again, life logjammed logistic. more »»

Eat the way to good health

September 6, 2015 EDITOR’S NOTE: Cole, the big baby, was out all last week, sick. He says. So today, we bring you a Cole Classic originally published Sept. more »»

Seasons of September to remember

August 30, 2015 Several eons ago when I was in elementary school, the teacher assigned us to write an essay about our favorite month. I chose September. more »»

Some facts too creepy

August 23, 2015 There’s nothing like scientific discovery to twist a perfectly good day into a tumult of terro. more »»



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