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See your summer off in odd festivals

August 21, 2011 Is your summer missing a food fight full of overly ripe tomatoes? Cheer up! Summer’s not over and neither are the weird and whacky ways to celebrat. more »»

Checking out photo deposits

August 14, 2011 My bank tells me that to make a deposit, now all I need to do is take a photo of the check with my cell phone, zap them the photo, and the money will be deposited into my account. more »»

Fridge attracts a great swarm of magnets

August 7, 2011 The refrigerator, as happens with many major and important discoveries, came about by happy accident. One day some guy searched for room to plunk the 32,437th novelty magnet onto his collection box. more »»

Konfushion rains over language oddities

July 31, 2011 My driver’s license claims I live in the state of Ohio. It also claims that I am the weight I wish I was but am not. My driver’s license cannot be trusted. In truth, I live in the state of confusio. more »»

Cooking and cleaning on the run: Recipe for picnic success

July 24, 2011 Drat! To get to the picnic on time, you have to be out the door in 20 minutes, and you’ve yet to start a covered dis. more »»

Men and the lost art of finding things

July 17, 2011 The woman slammed the office phone, looked to the heavens and roared: ‘‘Why can’t men find things?’’ I ducked beneath my desk, scooted behind the chair and began duckwalking it down the hallway. more »»

(Mis)Directions fun, easy and strange

July 10, 2011 I hate it when a friend asks for directions. It means I’m going to have to look up road names. I rarely know the name of the road I’m driving, and for good reason. more »»

Kids go and color parade

July 3, 2011 Cousin Ollie was the most patriotic kid I knew. Ollie duct-taped red, white and blue pinwheels to his bicycle handlebars. more »»

Column best thing since ...

June 26, 2011 Is sliced bread the epitome of our genius? Every lick of progress for decades arrives with the proclamation, “It’s the greatest thing since sliced brea. more »»

Say, do you see a shortcut?

June 19, 2011 GPS navigational systems are See ’N Says for adults. An arrow points to a picture, a voice gives direction — and the guy activating the button laughs and ignores it because he knows a better way. more »»

Fountain of pens lies drying, dying in drawer

June 11, 2011 ----- EDITOR’S NOTE: Burton Cole is on vacation. more »»

Color my world with crayon logic

June 5, 2011 You can learn a lot from a box of crayons — so I’m told. In fact, I didn’t know how many world philosophies were built around a box of Crayola 64’s with the built-in sharpene. more »»

Cole’s theorem: Museum adds up

May 29, 2011 If a train leaves Warren at 6 a.m. more »»

We ‘whine’ but we’re not faking — much

May 22, 2011 I bet you never saw this coming: New research shows that men ‘‘whine’’ more than women when sick. more »»

Old bones snap into rhythm of age

May 15, 2011 Cousin Dweezil remembers when we used to snicker at the sounds old people’s bodies made. It’s not so funny anymore. more »»

Hey! Stop bugging me!

May 8, 2011 Don’t bug me! These days, we’re pestered by so many irritants that it’s a real bother trying not to get exasperated. (‘‘Don’t be such a grumpy, old man!” Pardon me. more »»

Apple spies blip out bad habits

May 1, 2011 I slammed on the brakes halfway to the salvage store. Wouldn’t the opera seem more refined? Or the art museum more cultured? That’s the problem with carrying a tattletale in our pockets. more »»

Fatheads fail health, but big butts rule

April 24, 2011 I may weigh in on the, uh, “sturdy” side of bodily heft and form, but at least my mind remains a sleek machine of streamlined brilliance. Or so I thought. Apparently, my thoughts are just thi. more »»

Terms of aging hard to hear

April 17, 2011 When did I become ‘‘Hon’’? Was it when the color dribbled from my beard, leaving behind puffy clouds of patriarchal white? Was it when I had to begin taking three or four warmup steps out of the car... more »»

‘Choc’ full of healthy stuff ... honest

April 10, 2011 Readers who recognize the contributions to scholarly research that we here at ‘‘Burt’s Eye View’’ undertake have demanded more. more »»



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