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Affordable Care Act protects families

February 16, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: With all this talk about Obamacare, I think some people have lost track of what the Affordable Care Act really does. more »»

Creating jobs should be Obama’s focus

February 16, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: If Americans think that Obamacare is making things better for this country and its people, then they might want to do a little more research. more »»

Newspaper needs to explain stance

February 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: In a recent edition of your Orchids and Onions, the Tribune Chronicle was overjoyed that the workers at Vallourec Star rejected an offer to become unionized. more »»

Change will help conquer problems

February 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The solution to each individual’s problems is waiting to be utilized. more »»

Light at the end of drug addiction

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Darkness is a big part of living with an addict. You feel pain, loss and hate all at once or at different times. more »»

Transcend ‘base nature’ for better

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Thank you, Andrew Herman. You deserve an ‘‘Orchid.’’ I appreciated your thoughtful and well-written editorial in the Feb. 4 Tribune Chronicle. more »»

More to laser cataract surgery

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The recent letter to the editor to beware of laser cataract surgery omits certain facts. There are laser procedures that are approved by the U.S. more »»

Return money to taxpayers

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The Howland Board of Education is cutting costs, but still wanting more in taxes and levies. Here is the scoreboard: 1. $11. more »»

‘March for Life’ under reported

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Is the United States of America becoming like China, Russia or other countries under government control by only printing news items they consider favorable? I am referring to the 41st... more »»

No compassion for executed killer

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Here we go again. The criminal is the victim. Dennis McGuire shouldn’t have had to suffer for a half hour before he died. What a shame. Let’s forget about the woman he killed. more »»

All should know Rare Disease Day

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I like to inform your readers to a special day that’s coming up soon. On the last day of February, millions of people around the world will observe Rare Disease Day. more »»

Physicians’ trial was ‘sad event’

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The recent malpractice trial against Drs. Frank and Zachary Veres was a sad event. We have been their patients since our move to Ohio six years ago. They were highly recommended to us. more »»

Old barns in need of preservation

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Did you ever take a ride in the country? I’m sure, at one time or another, we all have. I have, for years, noticed old barns on farmlands. As I drive by, I notice their condition. more »»

Opinion on ACA is way off

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Dr. Gina Reghetti is far off on many points of her letter to the editor about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). She claims the ACA is a violation of the Sherman Anti-trust Act. more »»

Word ‘terrorist’ is far overused

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Was Benghazi a terrorist attack? The word ‘‘terrorist’’ is far overused. Any person or persons committing a crime against someone is a terrorist. They are terrorizing them. more »»

Alternative method suggested

February 9, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I agree that the execution of Dennis McGuire was not done properly. For the upcoming one on Feb. 19, I believe I have a solution. more »»

Obamacare violates anti-trust laws, Constitution

February 4, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), a.k.a. Obamacare, has been forced upon the United States’ citizens, patients, physicians, and surgeons. more »»

Patient supports ‘compassionate’ doctors

February 3, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I am writing to echo Anne Szekely’s letter of support for my longtime family physicians, Dr. Frank Veres and his son, Dr. Zack Veres. more »»

Friends want info on woman’s death

February 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Please let the community know the final investigation of the Antoinette Ross death on King-Graves Road. Her friends want to know what the Ohio Patrol has determined. more »»

Packard Foundation needs tax professional

February 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Whoever is of the opinion that an attorney needs to be hired for the Packard Music Hall Foundation issue with its tax-exempt status simply doesn’t get it and deserves an onion... more »»



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