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Get involved and know what’s in food

February 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The ‘‘F. more »»

Key points separate Dems from GOP

February 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: There are crucial differences in the way the two parties think, and isolating them in clear ways will help Americans decide which way our country will go in 2014. 1. Role of Governmen. more »»

Majority rule is thing of past in this country

February 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Anything trickle down to you lately? All of the corporate tax cut money that was supposed to trickle down to create jobs and raise workers’ wages has trickled down all right, right... more »»

Global Ed research might help teachers

February 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The education-related columns by Rick Williams and Andrew Herman were great. Rick Williams knows what he is writing about when it comes to testing students and teachers. more »»

Death sentences need swift action

February 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I’m sitting here reading the letters to the editor in Sunday’s paper, Jan. 26, about poor Dennis McGuire’s painful execution. I agree with the other writers —screw hi. more »»

Wanted: God, dead or alive?

January 29, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I have often wondered, in recent years, what the American people really want. In the beginning, I think they wanted freedom and were willing to die for i. more »»

Leaders need to know we’re smart and we care

January 29, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Anyone reading this has lived a long life, and we have seen and heard and witnessed many things just like the generations before us. more »»

Get facts about affordable care

January 28, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: As former President Ronald Reagan would say, ‘‘There you go again. more »»

Voices being heard despite attacks

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Another half-truth from the editors of this newspaper to attack this newspaper’s perceived enemy — the EP. more »»

Victims got the cruel, unusual punishment

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I have seen so much in the paper lately about poor Dennis McGuire’s execution, and how horrible it was for him and how he suffere. more »»

Regulations already control fracking

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Environmentalists who oppose the development of natural gas from shale are making a serious mistak. more »»

Murderers deserve swift end to lives

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Someone needs to help me understand why the Tribune Chronicle infers in the articles written about the McGuire execution, that the 27-minute execution of this murderer was torturous or... more »»

Traffic debacle puts ‘scandal’ on display

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The Chris Christie-George Washington Bridge traffic jam debacle is significant. more »»

Where are people to vouch for doctors?

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I am writing to vouch for my family doctors, Dr. Frank and Dr. Zack Veres. These doctors have been my doctors for years. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be here now. more »»

What happened to mercury at depot?

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I read the editorial about safeguarding water supply. more »»

Killers deserve agonizing executions

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: When I read about the agonizing death of a condemned killer, Dennis McGuire, I had to get a tissue. Boo ho. more »»

Keep fighting against drugs, alcohol

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: One knows he or she will face life sometime without that high; therefore, he or she will keep chasing the high even if a friend overdoses. more »»

Beware of cataract laser procedure

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Cataract laser, is this a gimmick? I applaud eye care for the information on the laser for cataract surgery. As with all new technologies there is always an initial level of enthusiasm. more »»

Eye for an eye should be the law

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I am disgusted with the way our judicial system is these days. They slap the guilty party on the wrist and let them go. I believe the Bible says an eye for an eye. more »»

Teens need to hear dangers of alcohol

January 22, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Congratulations to all of the local school districts who observed “Red Ribbon Week” with speakers attesting to the risks of alcohol and drug abuse. more »»



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