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We are required to live God’s word

May 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: A couple of weeks ago I put a letter in the paper on homosexuality. Let me explain to all of you who think the Bible is mytholog. more »»

Society’s damage to the planet shameful

May 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Uniformity vs. God’s gift to mankind. Science teaches for every positive force there’s an equal negative force. Do religion and science mix? You can be the judge. more »»

Commissioners should support HB500

May 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The Trumbull County Transit Board wants to thank the Trumbull County Board of Commissioners for their support since forming the Transit Board three years ag. more »»

Al Covelli stood as giant among locals

May 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: My first recollection of Al Covelli was in the late 1950s or early ’60s cooking hamburgers at West Market Street McDonald’s and selling them with all the dressings for 15 cents. Mr. more »»

Young people need to get act together

May 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I have been listening for the last five years to the young people of today. To the young women, you have taken us back to the 1960s, and I do not like it. more »»

Take precautions during theater work

May 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: A few weeks ago an article in the Tribune Chronicle detailed a collaborative cleanup at the old Robins Theater in downtown Warren with students and faculty from Warren G. more »»

Urgent plea to help The Christy House

May 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The Christy House Emergency Shelter, located at 919 Main Ave. S.W., is celebrating 30 years of helping homeless people in need of food and shelter. more »»

Is it legal to charge to pay sewer bill?

May 11, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Received my sewer bill and was glad to see they had entered the 21st century by allowing customers to pay their bills onlin. more »»

Fuda steps in to help the little guys in town

May 5, 2014 Dear Editor: This is the first time I have ever written a letter to the newspape. more »»

Transportation is path to success

May 4, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: We can all agree that times are difficult for most Americans and has been for a long time. more »»

Leadership shows what matters most

May 4, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: What is the difference between a non-profit and a for-profit organization? Non-profits are organizations that invest their revenues back into the organization to achieve their goals... more »»

U.S. has no cause to intrude in Ukraine

May 4, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: What in the world is wrong with the United States? I mean, why are we sticking our noses in the Ukraine? Haven’t we learned anything from all the times we have stuck our noses in other... more »»

Candidate acted in poor taste at funeral

May 4, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: My uncle, Garry Gilger, passed away on April 5, 2014. He had his calling hours and service the night after at a church in Cortland. more »»

Religious right on the wrong side

May 4, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: There are two issues the religious right has wrong, marriage and birth control. more »»

Tea Party running mate speculation

May 4, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I was wondering who the Tea Party hopefuls for president would pick as their running mates in the 2016 presidential election. 1. Ted Cruz, and we all know that he would choose Dr. more »»

Doctors, surgeon no longer first line

May 4, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: There simply are no substitutes for doctors and surgeons, yet Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act laws have removed them as the first line to America’s healthcar. more »»

It is up to Liberty residents to vote for road levy

May 3, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: For those who live in Liberty: I have been a resident of this township for approximately 55 years and have voted for the levies to keep our township up to date. more »»

Superintendent urges support for Lakeview renewal

May 3, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I strongly believe if you take a few moments to review the following information, you will use good judgment when voting on May 6. more »»

Howland Schools need to make do like taxpayers do

May 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Wake up, Howland taxpayers! Here we go again! On May 6, when you go to vote, you better be aware that if the Howland School levy passes, you won"t only have to open your wallet, you'll... more »»

Taxes are bad but Liberty roads are worse

May 2, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: In the words of our newly appointed fiscal officer in Liberty: ‘‘I am not a tax-and-spend guy.’’ Well, neither am I, Mr. more »»



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