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Obama to decide on priority of immigration

August 14, 2014 The flood of illegal immigrants across the nation’s southern border has become a crisis, President Barack Obama insists. more »»

More needs done to slow the EPA

August 13, 2014 From farmers in Missouri to poor families in Colorado and Georgia, tens of millions of Americans are beginning to awaken to the fact they have something in common with coal miners in Appalachia: The... more »»

School changes aren’t helping

August 13, 2014 Going back to school in Ohio will require adjustments for students, parents and educators. Graduation examinations are out. End-of-course tests are in. more »»

Partisanship stalls work on Medicare

August 12, 2014 Many members of the House of Representatives want to forestall implementation of a proposal that would increase costs for the Medicare program, while forcing many older Americans to leave their own... more »»

More funding needed to guard against Ebola

August 12, 2014 Nearly 20 years ago, author Richard Preston’s nonfiction book, “The Hot Zone,” told a horror story as disturbing as any make-believe tal. more »»

Reform can start with VA cleanup

August 11, 2014 In the private sector, the penalty for not performing sometimes is losing one’s job. Lying about it is an almost certain route to a pink slip. more »»

Ride malfunction shows need for change in law

August 11, 2014 A major malfunction on a ride at the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky will not be investigated by state inspectors. more »»

Voters deserve to choose

August 10, 2014 As Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald’s campaign implodes, the major political parties should learn a valuable lesson about removing voters from the primaries. It’s a bad idea. more »»

Orchids & onions

August 9, 2014 ORCHID: To Bill Griffin and everyone else who had a hand in opening the Ernie Hall Aviation Museum and organizing the second annual Wings-n-Wheels vehicle show and fly-in this weekend at SLOAS... more »»

Schools in Liberty change sans new tax

August 8, 2014 Liberty school officials deserve congratulations for working the district out of a large fiscal emergency without asking taxpayers for more money. more »»

Endangered not protected by this firm

August 8, 2014 It is illegal to kill certain endangered animals, including golden eagles. If you get caught doing so, even accidentally, the federal government will punish you with stiff fines. more »»

Hall builds impressive schedule

August 7, 2014 Packard Music Hall continues its transformation with a prolific schedule announced by Sunrise Entertainment and another season of talent from the Warren Civic Music Association, all while Covelli... more »»

Congress must demand aid for black lung victims

August 7, 2014 Veterans of coal mining and their families understand all too well that what makes headlines — accidents such as explosions — constitutes a lesser peril than black lung disease. more »»

Sexualized culture is reinforced

August 6, 2014 Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, eh? It’s a politically incorrect sexual-innuendo-filled Monty Python sketch that is funny on stage but completely unacceptable when it’s not comedy but part of the daily... more »»

Treat city workers same as the public

August 5, 2014 A Warren police officer was called to Quinby Park July 18 and found a man and a woman standing near a building ‘‘trying to talk things out’’ in their divorce. more »»

VA needs to show progress before getting funding

August 5, 2014 Six months. That is how long Congress should give Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson to make progress in providing better health care service for veterans. more »»

Niles city officials should cooperate with state audit

August 4, 2014 When state audits slam the City of Niles, its residents should remember whose voices were the loudest and earliest in trying to prevent the financial crisis – President of Council Robert Marino and... more »»

Ohio continues to grow under Kasich leadership

August 4, 2014 Politicians do not really create jobs, regardless of what they would have you think. The most they can do is establish a tax, regulatory and incentive environment that encourages job creation. more »»

School chief makes good impression

August 3, 2014 Warren City School Superintendent Steve Chiaro’s blunt assessment of the district’s educational distress is refreshing. So is his longevit. more »»

Kudos to Ohio for prosecuting

August 3, 2014 Ohio officials have done something unusual — perhaps even precedent-setting — about wrongdoing by public officials. They are holding a man accountable for criminal misdeeds. more »»



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