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Locals must be ready to do business in Cuba

July 30, 2015 Local business and political leaders soon may be among the first Americans in many decades to set foot in Cuba. more »»

Stop slaughter of endangered animals

July 30, 2015 An ongoing environmental disaster has not received appropriate attention from world leaders, including both Republican and Democrat presidents and members of Congress in the United States. more »»

Preview of the future in the Middle East

July 28, 2015 A preview of one potential scenario for a Middle East including a nuclear-armed Iran is being provided just a few time zones away, in North Korea. There, U.. more »»

Put down the phone, beware of distracted drivers

July 28, 2015 More than 17,000 vehicle crashes — 44 of them fatal — occurred last year due to driver distraction, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. more »»

Economic intervention not always answer

July 28, 2015 As so often is the case, good news about the economy is being reacted to by some economists and politicians who fear it will not las. more »»

Import-Export Bank changes are needed

July 28, 2015 Members of Congress are being pressured by President Barack Obama to reauthorize the U.S. Export-Import Bank — but they should refuse to do so on the White House’s terms. more »»

Education system needs accountability

July 27, 2015 Ohioans, including the tens of thousands of dedicated, honest, effective teachers, may be wondering if there is a limit to the rottenness in public education officialdom. more »»

Huge jump in minimum wage comes with other costs

July 27, 2015 It is likely that soon, thousands of fast-food restaurant workers in New York will have a personal understanding of the warning, “Be careful what you wish for. You may get it. more »»

Welcome to our new neighbor, Alcoa

July 26, 2015 Fresh white signs bearing the new name “Alcoa Titanium & Engineered Products” went up last week at the Weathersfield Township plant formerly known as RTI International Metals. more »»

Orchids and Onions

July 25, 2015 ORCHID: To the organizers and all the participants in the first Mud Monster 5K event last week in Yankee Lake. The event was a collaboration fundraiser for United Way of Trumbull and Mercer countie. more »»

New defenses needed for ‘lone wolf’ terrorists

July 24, 2015 Islamic terrorists in the Middle East may not have an armada of drone aircraft at their disposal, but they kill by remote control just as effectively — perhaps more so — as the U.S. military. more »»

Rethink limits on military firearms

July 24, 2015 Members of the military are supposed to be protecting us — not the other way around. Yet this week, armed civilians were guarding armed forces recruiting stations in several states. more »»

Kasich: Good addition to a crowded race

July 23, 2015 It’s early. Too early, in fact, for us to make an official endorsement in the race for president or even in the crowded race for the Republican nominatio. more »»

Planned Parenthood investigation warranted

July 23, 2015 Planned Parenthood officials have cried foul over an expose by an anti-abortion group. more »»

Southington water service should be OK’d

July 21, 2015 The opportunity for Southington-area customers to have safe, pure drinking water would far outweigh the cost, which has been estimated at less than $35 per frontage foot. more »»

Sentencing must fit the crime committed

July 20, 2015 Law enforcement officers and officials, along with the prosecutors and judges who deal with those they arrest, should discriminate against people only on the basis of the crimes they commi. more »»

Southington water service should be OK’d

July 20, 2015 The opportunity for Southington-area customers to have safe, pure drinking water would far outweigh the cost, which has been estimated at less than $35 per frontage foot. more »»

Why we lose confidence in our elected officials

July 20, 2015 If you happen to be a politician wondering why most people have lost all confidence and faith in you, consider this: Members of the House of Representatives were scrambling Wednesday to find about... more »»

Thoughts about what triggers voter apathy

July 19, 2015 The chairman of Ohio’s Democratic Party knows it’s a problem when only 40 percent of Ohio’s registered voters turn out to cast their votes in big, statewide elections. more »»

More proof showing that sales tax hike unnecessary

July 19, 2015 It was about three months ago that Sheriff Thomas Altiere stood before taxpayers in the Trumbull commissioners hearing room explaining what he saw as a need for an increase in the county’s sales tax... more »»



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