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Caution helps keep kids away from hot cars

September 10, 2014 So far this year, there have been 26 heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, according to a San Jose State University study that tracks such deaths. more »»

Take a deep breath and buy the salt

September 9, 2014 Salt — plain old sodium chloride — is the key to a critical public service on which area residents depend during the winter month. more »»

Mahoning cleanup creates gem

September 8, 2014 Another step toward the Mahoning River’s comeback took place recently when the Mahohing River Paddlers and Friends of the Mahoning christened a path from Girard to Youngstown. more »»

Health care sticker shock tip of iceberg

September 8, 2014 In large measure, the federal health care law was sold to Americans based on the contention government can handle certain tasks more economically than the private sector. more »»

Port on way to earning back trust

September 7, 2014 Trumbull County commissioners appointed a game-changer when they put prominent businessman Sam Covelli on the Western Reserve Port Authority Board of Directors. more »»

Protect kids from Internet

September 7, 2014 Parents are advised regularly and strongly to monitor their children’s online activities. The Internet is a jungle in which many predators stalk naive youngsters, it is explained. On Aug. more »»


September 6, 2014 ORCHID: To Warren’s Casshan Wallace, a 2013 Warren G. more »»

Hate crimes should not be way of life

September 5, 2014 The disgusting hate crimes that took place in Brookfield last week set our community back decades. Let’s hope authorities catch the culprits soon and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. more »»

Obama gets warning from Democrat about terrorism

September 5, 2014 Comments Sunday by members of Congress familiar with the threat of terrorism should set off alarm bells in the heads of thoughtful Americans. more »»

Caution for Packard promoters

September 4, 2014 Now that JAC Management has taken over Packard Music Hall, it will be important to collaborate with two organizations already successfully booking popular cultural events ther. more »»

ISIS threat greater than al-Qaida’s

September 4, 2014 Islamic State terrorists are a greater threat than al-Qaida ever was. That is because they possess several advantages al-Qaida never enjoyed. more »»

Church’s ox roast sets standard

September 3, 2014 The Glenn Christian Church’s annual ox roast and car, truck and motorcycle show has grown into a phenomenon unlike any other in the community. more »»

Obama should give ISIS reason to fear us

September 3, 2014 After American journalist James Foley was murdered by Islamic State terrorists recently, there was concern about another U.S. reporter taken hostage about two years ago. His name is Peter Theo Curtis. more »»

Men must take care against ‘silent killer’

September 2, 2014 The most common cancer in American men can and does develop without any obvious symptoms. Prostate cancer, the “silent killer,” also is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in males. more »»

U.S. must do more against terrorists’ sympathizers

September 2, 2014 Americans have gone abroad on their own to fight for many causes during our nation’s histor. more »»

Americans seek good by honest work

September 1, 2014 The Mahoning Valley celebrates Labor Day today on the heels of last week’s glowing report in Business Facilities magazine. more »»

Tressel right, even without the specifics

August 31, 2014 Jim Tressel is not yet ready to get specific on the future of Youngstown State University, but the school’s new president is still the right man for the job as he embarks on fundraising, enrollment... more »»

Explain VA case conclusion

August 31, 2014 It will come as no surprise to those who watch the government closely that the Department of Veterans Affairs has concluded it was not responsible for the deaths of veterans kept waiting for care at... more »»


August 30, 2014 ORCHID: To Marisha Agana, a new member of the Trumbull County Board of Health, for challenging what she believes are ‘‘irregularities,’’ in the Health Department. more »»

Warren police understaffing tied to violence

August 29, 2014 According to the FBI, the average police department in the U.S. has 2.4 officers for every 1,000 residents and 1. more »»



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