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Let’s chew the fat over this annual New Year’s resolution thing

January 10, 2016 EDITOR’S NOTE: One week into the new year, and Cole already slipped out the back door to go on vacation. more »»

Truths of animal products in everyday use

January 7, 2016 What do the following products have in common? Plastic bags, plywood, fireworks, nail polish, tools, toothpaste, paint, crayons, wood glue, shampoo/conditioner, paint brushes, fabric softener, tires... more »»

Teach grown daughter how to stand on own

January 4, 2016 Dear Annie: Our oldest daughter is married to a nice man and they have a sweet 2-year-old daughte. more »»

Drooping lids common after surgery

January 4, 2016 DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 75-year-old woman who had successful cataract surgery two months ago. However, it left me with swollen eyelids and noticeable pouches under both eyes. more »»

Eardrops not easy

January 4, 2016 Dear Readers: Today’s SOUND OFF is about pet medication: DEAR HELOiSE: I took my dog for a checkup, and she had an infection in both ears. The doctor put her on eardrops, with a follow-up. more »»


January 4, 2016 The 1992 World Women’s Olympiad Teams was won by Austria, which defeated a favored British squad by 48 IMPs in the 96-deal final. It was Austria’s first-ever Olympiad women’s title. more »»

Let overbearing mom make the decisions

December 30, 2015 Dear Annie: My 5-year-old granddaughter was here for a few days and needed her evening bath. The last time she stayed overnight with me, her mother sent bath products that got in her eyes and burne. more »»

PSC serious; get second opinion

December 30, 2015 DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 58-year-old male. Two years ago, after a routine physical, my bloodwork came back abnormal for liver function, especially the alkaline phosphatase. more »»

Bridge by Steve Becker

December 30, 2015 A competent declarer can often bring order out of chaos in much the same way a jigsaw-puzzle fan can join together many hundreds of piece. more »»

Storing veggies

December 30, 2015 Dear Heloise: I would like to know the proper way to store fresh vegetables. more »»

Time to turn off and tune out with Gilligan

December 27, 2015 I found the posting while surfing the Internet: It was a photograph of a lavishly serene cabin shaded by a luscious forest and fronted by white sand and clear blue waters. more »»

Agriculture and wildlife — keeping it all in balance

December 17, 2015 One of the many perks of my job is the ability to drive through any of my five counties at the early hours of the dawn and into the waning hours of dus. more »»

Key answer for reader

December 13, 2015 People often pepper me with tough questions. It’s because of my ridiculously overstocked storehouse of knowledge. “Thanks, professor,” the pests guffaw with relief after I’ve solved another dilemma. more »»

Great aging, great benefits

December 6, 2015 One of the greatest benefits of aging is no longer straining to make your own excuses. For example, if I can’t keep up with a much-younger hiker, he’ll say, “Hey, good effort, ma. more »»

Making peace with cat and mouse games

November 29, 2015 I tried not to gag as I picked up her still-warm gift. Molly meant it as the highest order of peace offering. It’s just that — how shall I put this? — I, unlike Molly, am not a cat. more »»

Men not to blame for stunts

November 22, 2015 I am fat — sturdy; I meant to say sturdy — because I am married. Science says so. more »»

Day in Trumbull court about families

November 15, 2015 Visitors being greeted Friday by the soothing, a cuppella melody of “When you wish upon a star” outside the main entrance of the Trumbull County Courthouse were quickly jolted to a new peculiarity a... more »»

Locked out, lost in thought

November 15, 2015 A number of thoughts swirl through one’s mind when one discovers one has locked oneself out of one’s car. more »»

Farms kids and 5-second food rule

November 12, 2015 To put it mildly, this week has been a challenge. Normally, I am super healthy, rarely sick, and always filled with tons of energy. more »»

Obtusities go bump in the night

November 8, 2015 I shuffled to my wife’s side of the bed, felt around for her tissue box, knocked over her phone, found the box, bumped a bottle of water, grabbed a tissue, blew my nose, tripped over the wastebasket... more »»



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