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Summer do’s, don’ts, and it’s summer, so whatevers

June 23, 2013 It’s officially summer now. Gentlemen, start your Foursquaring. Finally, Ohioans reap the reward of putting up with all manner of ninth-circle weather the rest of the year. more »»

Who took my ... oh, here it is

June 23, 2013 Thieves sneak into our house and swipe the oddest things. ‘‘Why would anyone steal my blue pen? I left it right here by my chair with my book. more »»

Kindness of strangers and friends

June 21, 2013 I have become physically handicapped, and it is apparent. more »»

Senior News

June 21, 2013 CENTER HOSTS SENIOR EVENT: The Trumbull Community Action Program, 1230 Palmyra Road S.W., Warren, will hold a senior luncheon at noon today. The center is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.. more »»

Improving the city can be a real walk in the park

June 16, 2013 I grew up in Warren, and sometimes before work or during lunch I like to visit some of my old haunts from when I was a kid. I’ve checked out the fieldhouse behind Warren . more »»

Last time for Dann headlines?

June 16, 2013 Former Ohio Attorney General and ex-Liberty resident Marc Dann was back in the news last week, this time for regaining his license to practice law. more »»

Everything bad is good again, and vice versa

June 16, 2013 Let me get this straight — now saturated fat is good for me? And I shouldn’t forget the cholesterol and salt? Nothing stirs up full-bore dumbfounding befuddlement like nutritional information. more »»

How to keep from going into ‘summer festival overload’

June 9, 2013 I can smell it from this office. If I opened a window, I could hear it. If I went on the roof, I could probably see it. And pretty much the rest of the city. It’s here, and I am overjoyed. more »»

Night owls can head back to bed

June 9, 2013 Sorry I’m a couple minutes late, class... ‘‘Sixteen minutes, Mr. Cole.’’ OK, I’m a tad tardy, Todd, but the stupid alarm clock... ‘‘Let us guess, it didn’t go off again.’’ It went off, Jennifer. more »»

Talk turns to ticks as reports increase

June 6, 2013 This spring our Ohio State University Extension office has had a huge increase in the number of calls in regard to ticks. more »»

Late-blooming lilac changes color

June 3, 2013 I’ve written before about Miss Kim lilac, the late variety that opens its flowers long after the common lilac is finished blooming. But this season my Miss Kim has done something strange. more »»

Some like it hot; everyone else can just hush up

June 2, 2013 Boy, is it hot out! Ya know, that mercury is just through the roof! The temperature increased over that of previous days! The barometric pressure of the atmosphere is downright ... Yes. It’s hot. more »»

Avoiding chores is a challenge

June 2, 2013 I can’t fold fitted sheets. Flat sheets are fine. Flick ’em and keep folding them in halves until you have a nice, flat square that tucks nicely onto the sheet shelf. more »»

Back roads offer sights

May 31, 2013 You don’t need to travel far to find some diverse and interesting places to visit. Just start out and travel the back roads of Trumbull County. more »»

Never forget the true meaning of Memorial Day

May 26, 2013 So, what’s on the agenda for tomorrow? Barbecue? Road race? Maybe pick up a new pair of white summer shoes at that big sale at the Eastwood Mall? Hmm. Memorial Day activities. more »»

Imagine a generation without war; It’s not as easy as you think

May 26, 2013 It seems as if there has always been a war going on my whole life. Early on, it was the war on drugs. more »»

The burdens of being beautiful

May 26, 2013 The woman claims she quit her job because she’s too pretty to work. Tell me about it. Who among us doesn’t suffer from that same malady? Except for the part about quitting our jobs. more »»

Rounding up the cowboy wisdom for life

May 19, 2013 “Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.’’ ‘‘Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse. more »»

Dances with regrets:?Why I?didn’t go to high-school prom

May 19, 2013 There are many, many high-school rites of passage. Your first football game. First bully encounter. The first time you drive to school after getting your license. Rival-school-mascot-abduction. more »»

Some words of wisdom, straight from Mom

May 12, 2013 If you’re looking for a column about anything other than Mom today … I’m afraid you should continue on in your search. more »»



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