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Draining energy

March 11, 2016 Dear Readers: Did you know that the average household has at least 25 electronic devices! That’s only the average — some have a lot more power vampires! They drain energy even when not in use! If yo... more »»

Bridge by Steve Becker

March 11, 2016 1. One notrump. more »»

New widow shouldn’t stress about ‘family’

March 5, 2016 Dear Annie: My husband passed away last month. His six children (who are my age) were never fans of our marriage, even though their father was happy for the 10 years we were together. more »»

Useful and free websites

March 5, 2016 The Internet is a wonderful thing. In what seems like just a few short years, this phenomenon has changed our lives — and the world. Some days I wonder how we lived without it. more »»

Bridge by Steve Becker

March 5, 2016 Some hands stand or fall on one key decision, and declarer is best advised in such cases to delay that decision until the last possible moment. more »»

Speedy service

March 5, 2016 Dear Heloise: Because I’ve been a customer-service representative for many years, I’ve learned a couple of sneaky hints about the automated menu to get you to someone without the crazy-long hold... more »»

Dad hopes to be less ‘creepy’ to daughter-in-law

February 26, 2016 Dear AnniE: My youngest son, “Ian,” is soon to marry the “love of his life.” I haven’t had much of an opportunity to get to know “Tess,” but my wife has spent time with her and really likes her. more »»

Better tests needed

February 26, 2016 DEAR DR. ROACH: I don’t know why everybody keeps debating the accuracy of the PSA test. At least it’s a test that shows something. There’s nothing like it for ovarian cancer. Why is that? — R.R. more »»

Bridge by Steve Becker

February 26, 2016 1. Two hearts. The best way to show heart support, which you have, is by raising hearts. more »»

A stitch in time

February 26, 2016 Dear Heloise: I’ve discovered that if I don’t know how to do something, the Internet can help. I CROCHET, and while following a pattern, I discovered a stitch that I couldn’t get right. more »»

Carded into cashlessness by Monopoly game

February 21, 2016 I made my greatest fortune in Monopoly money. Ah, the feeling of blue, pink, yellow, green and goldenrod bills fluttering from my fingertip. more »»

Spare child’s feelings, keep presents at grandma’s

February 19, 2016 Dear Annie: My ex-son-in-law has temporary custody of my granddaughter, “Cathy,” who is 8. Every time I buy her something, she wants to leave it at my house. more »»

Oldest female WWII veteran in Trumbull shares story

February 19, 2016 Editor’s note: Bruce Thomas’ name and photo were mistakenly placed atop the Feb. 5 column by Bob Whited. Whited underwent — and wrote about — knee-replacement surgery this month, not Thomas. more »»

UTI meds are not to blame

February 19, 2016 DEAR DR. ROACH: My husband’s urologist put him on trimethoprim for a urinary tract infection. He was on this medication for 90 days and was then told to take it another 90 days. more »»

Bridge by Steve Becker

February 19, 2016 1. Two hearts. Normally when you pick up a hand like this, the best you can do is prepare to meet your Maker, but here you have a reasonable chance to come out aliv. more »»

Early returns

February 19, 2016 Dear Heloise: After reading many library e-books this past year, I recently made a discovery: After finishing a book, if I touch and hold the title of the book on my bookshelf, I can return the book... more »»

Wife must confront husband’s bad behavior

February 18, 2016 Dear Annie: After more than 30 years, my husband has turned into one disgusting human being. more »»

Snow helps gardeners think spring

February 18, 2016 Hello, Trumbull County. It’s nice (at least for me) to finally see a few inches of snow on the ground this winter. more »»

Avoiding meniscus surgery

February 18, 2016 DEAR DR. ROACH: I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus in my knee. I do not want an operation. I have read that physical therapy is as effective as surgery, but I don’t know what exercises to d. more »»

Bridge by Steve Becker

February 18, 2016 On some deals, the outcome is a forgone conclusion. Declarer takes his tricks, loses what he has to lose, and that’s that. more »»



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