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New church plans to enhance options

September 26, 2014 Those of you who are regular readers of my column may remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned, if only in passing, a challenge before me that had been testing the limits of my courage. more »»

Fall fun is as close as Warren

September 12, 2014 It’s that time of year again, my friends. The leaves will soon be changing, the temperature will slowly dip, and fall will be her. more »»

Seek the courage to be brave, but it may take awhile

August 29, 2014 In June, when I turned 26, someone asked me the question I always ask others at their birthday: “What do you know at 26 that you didn’t know at 25?” I’d encourage you to ask this question to your... more »»

Battle against depression more than platitudes

August 15, 2014 Sometimes the complexity of life requires more than many, if not most, of us can handl. more »»

Young leaders must honor their foundations

August 1, 2014 In my tenure as a community columnist, I have spent a lot of time writing about younger generations and leadership — about how we need to make room for young leaders in organizations across the... more »»

Young leaders need encouraging boost

July 18, 2014 I like asking questions. It’s a habit I’ve had to develop, but I do like asking them. more »»

4th should serve as time of calm centering

July 4, 2014 Happy Fourth of July to you and yours I was tempted to start this column with a cheeky, “I’m back!,” but decided the holiday greeting was more appropriate given the circumstances. more »»

Hope is real for those who seek it

June 20, 2014 When I came to Warren a year ago, I looked at our community and the hurdles before it with what I now realize was youthful naivette. more »»

A few loose ends to tie up

June 6, 2014 If you didn’t happened to read my last column (or if you did and need a little bit of a refresher), here’s what you need to know: I spent a whole column writing about how we need some good signs to... more »»

Warren welcome signs lack invitation

May 23, 2014 Today, I’m writing from Champaign, Ill. — far south of my old Chicagoland stomping grounds. more »»

Columnist lists some favorite Warren things

May 9, 2014 The end of my time as a community columnist is nearly at hand; for the last year it’s been my joy to write about our community and the challenges before it. more »»

Teamwork needed among generations

April 25, 2014 In my previous post, I sought to unpack a few key habits of the Millennials in your life — those fun-loving, technology-addicted folks born between 1980 and 2000. more »»

Listening goes a long way

March 28, 2014 There, I said it. I know that makes me a crazy person, or at least it makes me feel that way, because everyone I know is working out practically all the time. more »»

The American Dream is still alive

March 14, 2014 Since I started writing these columns over six months ago, a consistent theme has emerged: Calls to our Mahoning Valley to grow in the virtues of hard work, personal responsibility, collaboration an... more »»

End blame game, take responsibility

February 28, 2014 One of the most important lessons any child learns is this: We each have responsibility for our own selves. more »»

This taxpayer would like roads cleared

February 14, 2014 Go absolutely anywhere in our county, and unless you’re talking to a mammal in total hibernation, you’ll start talking about the weather in about two seconds. more »»

Teachers are an easy target

January 31, 2014 In the midst of this ridiculously cold winter, there have been some among us who have weathered the season rather comfortably. more »»

Community, schools need to cooperate

January 17, 2014 A few months ago, Amazon announced that it has plans in the works to increase its delivery speed by employing unmanned drones that can have your order at your door in 30 minutes — or les. more »»

Advent marks season of waiting

December 20, 2013 When I was small, December dragged on forever, it seemed. Each day went by like the slow pour of molasses, and the closer it got to Christmas, the slower the days became. more »»

Grateful for Warren’s warmth, charm

December 6, 2013 For the Thanksgiving holiday, my wife and I returned to Chicagoland for what I’ve come to call “The Great Gratitude Tour of 2013. more »»

Churches on the front lines

November 22, 2013 When tragedy strikes a community, it’s commonplace for government officials to “call on members of the clergy” for their participation and input in responding to the crisis. more »»



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