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A reminder of the reason for the season

December 21, 2014 It’s the Sunday before Christmas and you know what that means. Time for PK’s shameless thievery of the “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” theme. more »»

That crucial holiday card deadline approaches

December 14, 2014 It’s at this critical crossroads that each of us must make a decision that could ostensibly and significantly impact our lives forevermore. Or at least until next Christmas season. more »»

Enduring the traveling circus at the airport

December 7, 2014 Flying through the air with the greatest of ease … is really just for that daring young man at the circus, folks, and here’s why: The entire experience known as airline travel is far less popcorn,... more »»

Movies show that Christians are going mainstream

November 30, 2014 Guess what? I have some news for you all this morning: God’s not dead. Well, it’s not really news to me. I’ve known this for all 46 years of my existence. more »»

The time has come to winterize, inside and out

November 23, 2014 Well, that was a pretty short autumn, no? Serious and emphatic HMPF. As you may suspect, I am not a fan of teen temps afore Thanksgiving. Oh, who am I kidding? I hate the cold always and in all ways. more »»

Don’t rush the holidays: Take time to be thankful

November 16, 2014 No, I’m not jumping on the early bird holiday bandwagon by trying to rush Thanksgiving. #slowdownontheChristmasdecoratingpeople. more »»

No good can come from changing the clocks

November 9, 2014 Well, the first full week is completed. Daylight Savings Time is kaput for one more year. more »»

Lessons to be learned from Cleveland Cavaliers

November 2, 2014 Sure, I was sad Thursday night. So was everyone else in the Mahoning Valley, the surrounding region, the majority of the Buckeye state — and fans of LeBron James all across the country. We lost. Hmpf. more »»

The lesson is the same, at school or at work

October 26, 2014 As my nearly 15-year-old son repeatedly assures me, high school in 2014 isn’t quite the cake walk I think it is. more »»

That creepy, chilling time is upon us again

October 12, 2014 Well, you knew it was coming. It happens at this time of year like clockwork. A clockwork orange, that is. Blech. more »»

The best part about having a skin graft is ...

October 5, 2014 You know the best part about having a skin graft of your gums? Yeah, me neither. more »»

Homecoming brings back memories for Mom

September 28, 2014 Well, it happened. The boy’s first high school dance is in the books. Yep, Kyle’s freshman year homecoming experience is already history — and the whole ordeal has Mom reliving some of her own. more »»

Over-40 set doesn’t need reminders about aging

September 21, 2014 I’ve never been one to complain about getting older. Well, not seriously, anyway. I mean, the aging process is, as they say, a privilege not granted to all. It is a gift, a blessing, an honor. more »»

The life lessons of ‘Shawshank Redemption’

September 14, 2014 I think it’s 22. Maybe 24. I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched “Shawshank Redemption” — but suffice it to say, I can likely recite nearly every line on cue. more »»

Sept. 11 is another reminder to be grateful

September 7, 2014 I’m not even sure which channel I was watching; Destination America, I think? Sheesh, with so many hundreds of cable networks, channels and venues, it’s hard to keep track of them all and what’s... more »»

Mom of high schooler dreads new school year

August 31, 2014 You can hear it. The low, dull collective groaning of school age children throughout the Mahoning Valley, the state and indeed, the U.S. This is it. The end is near. more »»

Ice cold water reveals warm, loving hearts

August 24, 2014 At first, I didn’t pay much attention. I kept seeing silent videos popping up as posts on the walls of my Facebook and Instagram friends and all over Twitter. more »»

Ice cold water reveals warm, loving hearts

August 24, 2014 At first, I didn’t pay much attention. I kept seeing silent videos popping up as posts on the walls of my Facebook and Instagram friends and all over Twitter. more »»

Random act of kindness goes viral online

August 17, 2014 Maybe you saw it. It did, after all, go vira. more »»

Local girl does her part to fight pancreatic cancer

August 10, 2014 For those of you who heard the melodic strains emanating from Mahoning Valley Scrappers stadium just before the first pitch of the ball game at Eastwood Field in Niles last Friday night, you had the... more »»

Good wins out as cross remains at memorial

August 3, 2014 One for the good guys … that’s the way I see it. more »»



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