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Pending memory codes could be the cause of loss of speed

July 23, 2015 DEAR?DOCTOR: I drove a 2012 Nissan Altima with 55,000 miles from Florida to New York, and it ran great for the first 50 miles then it started losing power and would go no faster than 58 mph. more »»

2015 Ford F-150 is newly refined

July 16, 2015 America’s favorite truck, the Ford F-Series, was revamped from top to bottom for 2015, and the handsomely styled result shows how far pickups have come from their rough-riding and utilitarian past. more »»

Code is for solenoid, not transmission

July 16, 2015 DEAR?DOCTOR: I own a 2006 Chevrolet Impala. The "check engine" light came on and the code was P750 for a transmission solenoid fault. more »»

Jaguar XJ is distinctive luxury

July 2, 2015 An odd thing happened as Americans’ taste for luxury vehicles grew in recent years: Jaguar, the venerable British marquee, struggled to gain traction. In fact, U.S. more »»

Use factory fluid for transmission

July 2, 2015 Dear Doctor: I have a 2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0 with a CVT automatic transmission with about 77,000 miles. Right now I have the engine and transmission removed from car. more »»

1954 Triumph TR2 is just too special

July 2, 2015 When Dave Hayden started looking for a 1954 Triumph TR2 to add to his collection of vintage cars, he found one advertised for sale in Atlanta. more »»

Sedona provides first-class lounge seats

June 25, 2015 Kia’s new, first-class lounge seats might just be the way to make a minivan more appealing. more »»

Should she lease again or buy out

June 25, 2015 DEAR?DOCTOR: I’m a senior female, 65-years-plus, leasing a 2013 Hyundai Elantra coupe with only 3,800 miles on it. more »»

Ford jumps into car sharing pool

June 25, 2015 NEW YORK (AP) — Ford is following the ride-sharing craze, launching its own pilot program in six U.S. cities and in London. more »»

Truck needs slack adjuster replacement

June 18, 2015 DEAR?DOCTOR: I have a 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat with the 5.4-liter Triton engine and 85,000 miles. I change the oil every 3,000 miles with conventional oil and a Ford filter. more »»

Auto industry quality improves; Japanese don’t keep pace

June 18, 2015 DETROIT — The quality of cars and trucks made by European, Korean and U.S. more »»

Mini Hardtop adds 2 doors, keeps handling

June 18, 2015 The Mini Cooper Hardtop has oodles of personality, go-kart handling and now, of all things, four doors and a big, color-changing “mood ring” on the dashboard. more »»

Timing: Belt vs. chain

June 11, 2015 Dear Doctor: My 1996 Toyota Corolla operates just fine. My mechanic recommends a new timing belt because of the mileage is 107,260. more »»

A touch of Old World comes to America

June 11, 2015 A touch of the Old World has come to American cities in the form of European-style vans that look like skinny, tall breadboxes. more »»

Lexus compact SUV aimed at youth

June 4, 2015 Finally, there’s a Lexus sport utility vehicle that’s priced under $40,000. more »»

Most cold engine noise is normal

June 4, 2015 DEAR?DOCTOR: I purchased a 2007 Chevy TrailBlazer SS. The engine has a ticking/knocking noise on start up. more »»

Allstate to offer insurance for drivers using apps

June 4, 2015 NEW YORK (AP) — Allstate will start insuring drivers who pick up passengers through ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyf. more »»

Sierra All Terrain does it all for truckers

May 28, 2015 Trucks aren’t bare-bones workhorses anymore and GMC’s new Sierra HD All Terrain pickup proves it. more »»

Increase mileage in old truck

May 28, 2015 Dear Doctor: I have a 2005 Rumblebee Ram 1500 Hemi pickup truck. It’s in beautiful condition with 60,000 miles, but only gets 10 miles per gallon — on a good day. more »»

Spark electric car’s price sparks a sales run

May 21, 2015 It took a price cut to generate a run on Chevrolet’s 2015 Spark EV, with savvy car buyers realizing the lower price and federal electric vehicle tax credit can make for a super deal. more »»

There is no easy way to program a new or used car door

May 21, 2015 DEAR DOCTOR: My son had to replace the front passenger door on his 2007 Chevrolet Malib. more »»



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