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Popeye was right

May 5, 2009 - Kathie Evanoff
Everything in the greenhouse garden bed is looking great, but especially the spinach.

It’s been barely a month and I’ve already harvested beet greens while thinning and used them to dress a sandwich last week. This morning I was able to harvest several baby spinach leaves to add to a big lunchtime salad. In a few days, the lettuce will need thinned and also will go into a salad they might go into soups or even better, egg frittata or quiche. The ideas are never ending.

I love spinach. I have even gotten my husband, the vege-phobic, to eat fresh spinach leaves in his salads. At times, he doesn’t even know he’s eating spinach.

The greenhouse garden is so successful, my only regret is that I didn’t plant things sooner. I plan to have fresh vegetables well into the cold weather as long as I can get them to keep surviving. Anyone can duplicate the green house garden by constructing a simple cold frame.

Last week I talked about counting calories. A Web site that I found helpful is The site, although limited in some food selections, is quite good at calculating calories and all other nutritional information. It also calculates weight loss, weigh goals and activity levels with graphs and charts that provide simple visuals to help even non-dieters keep track of nutrition.

I try not to obsess over calorie counting. I do input everything into the online journal, and if I have to guess at ingredients, I try to be realistic and round off high rather than low. But I don’t worry if I don’t have the exact measurement or calorie count when this occurs. For example, it’s difficult to determine calories in restaurant food, but I know that most restaurants, unless you request it, will use butter and oils to enhance the flavor and texture of food. It is better, of course, to request your food not be made with all those extras, but sometimes it isn’t possible. In those cases, try to be realistic about with your guess, but don’t worry if you don’t know the exact numbers.

This morning’s breakfast consisted of two scrambled eggs and a banana, along with a cup of tea. I also had a second cup of tea when I got to work. Two cups of tea mean four teaspoons sugar and that means 65 calories. There’s no breakfast photo, but the total calories were 320.

For lunch I took the time to make a big salad that included lots of those baby spinach leaves. I also added about three ounces cooked chicken breast, boneless and skinless. And I saved my orange for an afternoon snack. A 20-ounce diet cola added an additional 12 calories. You wouldn’t think zero-calorie cola would contain calories, but it does according to all the resources I’ve found, even though they are minimal.

Dinner will likely be rice and crock pot cooked roast beef with vegetables. I’ll add that photo tomorrow, so check back to see how the day ended up.


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Total calories including breakfast and lunch, 745.