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Hooray for this particular Friday

April 24, 2009 - Kathie Evanoff
I’m excited today, mainly due to the weather. Earlier this week, I didn’t dare walk out of the house without my umbrella, but today, even though there was a threat of rain this morning, which turned out to be more bark than bite, the day is shaping up to be quite lovely. The weekend is predicted to be even better and I hope to get outside in the yard to pull up the horrible Henbit that threatens to be my entire flower garden this spring. It is everywhere. Just like the Hairy Galinsoga tries to take over my vegetable garden each summer, Henbit grows throughout the perennial beds. It is my own fault. Last summer we didn’t add fresh mulch to the beds. What we had looked pretty good, so we decided to let it go one season. We knew we would have to contend with some weeds, fully expecting crab and quack grass infestations, but I totally forgot the Henbit. Some might think it lovely with it’s darkly variegated leaves and tiny purple flowers. If viewed from a distance, it reminds me of the late spring violets that crop up in the far back yard, which used to be a field and is still filled with meadow herbage, but mowed regularly to look like part of the lawn. I like that the violets still come up after all these years of mowing and when the mower does come out, they seem to know it and drop their heads beneath the blades only to pop back up when the coast is clear. Other spring weeds, like dandelions seem to do this too, but I don’t mind when the violets are in bloom. Henbit has shallow roots that pull out easily. It’s just that there is so much, it sometimes seems overwhelming. The best thing to do is to just start in one spot and move along doing as much as possible, and eventually, it will be done. I’m not ready to start bringing in truckloads of mulch; however. I want to add some soil amendments first. For more information about soil amendments, be sure to read my gardening column in the Monday edition of the Tribune Chronicle. In the meantime, the diet is working out quite well. The husband hid the bathroom scale and won’t let me have it until Monday. In all fairness, I told him to do this. It was too tempting to step on the scale every time I went into the bathroom. Eating healthy shouldn’t be an obsession. While I do have moments of looking forward to my next meal, I don’t spend all of my waking hours thinking about food and pouring over journals and calorie counters. I just don’t have that kind of time. A few quick minutes is all I spend entering my food into an online journal and then I’m on my way to do more interesting things than worrying about food. I hope you do the same. I had a radiology appointment first thing this morning, so instead of taking the time for a decent breakfast, I grabbed a slice of buttered toast on my way out the door. Not the healthiest of choices, but after my test and I was back in the newsroom, I found myself having hunger pangs over that missing breakfast. With nothing on hand (I knew I should have kept cereal bars in my desk for just these occasions), I ambled to the vending machines. There was yogurt. It looked pretty good and I knew it likely had protein and perhaps a dairy serving, which is something I don’t get enough of according to my graph on But I found myself passing up the yogurt for a honking-huge apple cinnamon muffin. Oh, how low is my will power when I let this happen? On the elevator ride back up to the newsroom, I had time to admonish myself for the choice I made. But I didn’t. Instead, I checked out the label on the package, 200 calories per serving, two servings per package. That means that entire muffin would have cost me 400 calories, including the seat-of-my-pants buttered toast this morning. How could I fix this? I made a cup of tea, my first and only cup of the day, opened the muffin package, pulled a knife from my drawer and cut the thing in half. Then I pawned one of the halves on a co-worker. If I hadn’t gotten any takers for the half-muffin, it would have gone in the trash without guilt or remorse. After tallying up my total calories, I found although my nutritional levels left something to be desired (all grains and no protein), I managed to keep my total breakfast calories to just over 300. Not bad. To compensate for the nutrition-lacking breakfast, I went to Subway for lunch where I ordered a six-inch turkey and ham sub on whole grain bread with lots and lots of vegetables. Condiments were a small packet of Italian dressing and a squirt of mustard. I’m back on track and good to go. If I get hungry in the afternoon, there’s always the yogurt.


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Breakfast (not shown) and Lunch: 4 1/2 ounces grains; 1/2 cup vegetables; 2 ounces meat; 190 discretionary calories. Total running calories so far today: 672.