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Nutrition overload

January 15, 2009 - Kathie Evanoff
The editors of “Cooking Light” magazine recently published an article stating that people are suffering from nutrition overload. According to the article, nutrition information from magazines, television and the Internet, not to mention all the diet information that is available, people are even more confused than ever about what they should be putting into their bodies. It isn’t surprising. We are bombarded with information from all sorts of sources, most of which are trying to get us to buy something from them. Very little of it is food. Most of it is information we already know. Back in the mid-1990s, fitness enthusiast Susan Powter screamed into our living rooms by way of her television infomercial, “Stop the Insanity!” But it hasn’t stopped at all. Instead, Powter jumped on the bandwagon with her fitness videos and diet book that went up on the shelf next to all the others. It is maddening when we attempt to do good for ourselves, but really have no where to turn. I remember when I was young and obesity was not the problem it is today. When someone wanted to lose weight, they were simply told to eat less. Nowadays, we ask ourselves, less of what? Many of the temptations that surround us today are unhealthy options that only serve to increase our appetites along with our waistlines. It seems so simple. Eat when you are hungry and don’t eat when you are not. Stay away from processed foods. Read the labels. If the food product you are seeking is not listed as the first ingredient on the box, you aren’t holding real food in your hands. Shop the outer edges of the grocery store where the real food is likely to be. Don’t drink your calories. Drink water, eat food. It is the middle of winter and besides knitting (I finished the blanket and will have photos later), perusing garden catalogs and thinking of next year’s garden is how I spend my free time. I’ve got my eye on pear tomatoes, white eggplant and kohlrabi.

This morning began with an early meeting. I skipped breakfast at home and instead had a dish of fresh fruit with strawberry yogurt dip, a half slice of poppyseed bread, a small blueberry muffin and a cup of tea.

Lunch, not shown (because I forgot to snap a photo) was Smart One cheese ravioli with spinach and tomato sauce.


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