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Christmas parties and umbrellas

December 19, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
There were a couple parties this week, one in which a Jello dessert was served and the other, well, we won’t talk about it.

Let’s just say, it involved lots and lots of cookies left lying around on desks and tables, free for the taking.

I can’t say I walked past them without a thought, nor can I say I resisted them entirely, but I don’t believe I overindulged. Just like Halloween, special occasions shouldn’t mean total abstinence, but it also doesn’t mean go crazy. Moderation…moderation…moderation should be your mantra during this busy, and perpetually tempting season.

When I worked at the remote office I was alone and not in the midst of all this temptation. This is new for me, having to deal with resistance. Walking into the newsroom and seeing yet another cookie tray brings about feelings of…oh no, not more. But there are plenty of folks here who also partake, so I can tell myself I am leaving it for them. They are the masters of their own fates, even when it comes to cookies.

Cookies aside, what I expected to be an upcoming quiet, knit-filled weekend looks instead as though it could be pretty busy. Out of town guests will be visiting unexpectedly, but that’s okay. There will be plenty of time for knitting after the first of year when winter really sets in. There won’t be cookies, however, unless someone else bakes them. While faced with the possibility that life is going to be hectic and not as well organized as hoped, keep in mind that your choices are exactly that; your choices. You can choose to eat everything in sight, or you can choose healthier options. The real world is a tempting place to live. Be strong.

Breakfast this morning was simple and didn’t require any additional photos. Toast with peanut butter was fast and eaten on the run as I rushed to get out the door. The weather was horrible, slushy, icy roads and cold rain. I bought a new umbrella a few weeks ago and today was only the second time I needed to use it. I don’t remember my struggles with it the first time, so I expect they weren’t a problem, but today even just this multitude of hinges that makes up the mechanism of an umbrella managed to get the best of me. If you are old enough to remember old comedy routines that included a huge rubber raft opening up in a small room trapping the unsuspecting star of the show and if you enjoyed that slapstick humor, you can imagine me trapped in the front seat of my car with an umbrella that simply wouldn’t fold up. A wet umbrella, I might add. Anyone walking by would have seen me in there struggling with the contraption, pushing it down into itself, only to have spring open again, filling the windshield and half the front seat. I finally tossed it in the back seat and let it recline wide open and covering the books back there like a tent. After a few minutes struggle and only a few grumbles from me when I got back to the office, the umbrella decided to comply and now rests comfortably, all folded, in a corner near my desk. I am afraid to touch it. I know that if I provoke it in any way, it will burst forth in anger and give me seven years bad luck.

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday’s holiday banquet. Leftovers from our annual Christmas luncheon were on display and I obliged by filling half my plate with wonderful steamed vegetables that included green beans, broccoli and squash. A small piece of chicken and meatballs that I believe could have been ground turkey in tomato sauce was enough to keep me going all afternoon. There were no cookies today. A relief, for sure. Instead, a fresh banana (not shown) stood in for dessert, a much better choice than pastry. Sorry about the blurry photo.


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Breakfast (not shown): 2 ounces grains; 2 ounces meat and beans; 2 1/2 tsps. healthy oils. Lunch: 1 cup vegetables; 3 ounces meat; 3/4 cup fruit (banana, not shown).