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Getting nowhere fast

December 10, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
The knitting has stopped. Having decided to rip it all out and start again with at least one different color; and having no time to go purchase new yarn, the project is at a standstill. The new plan is to purchase yarn by the weekend and begin the project again Saturday. The goal has been pushed back a week, but since this is not a gift, it doesn’t matter.

In the meantime, we have been attempting preparations for Christmas. The husband, who spends much of his time in his woodshop, was waiting for supplies for a new project (to be revealed after the recipient opens her gift), so he decided to pass the time by putting up the tree. Putting up doesn’t mean decorating. But even this is a huge help to someone who still goes out the door each morning to work. I am that person.

So Monday, while I was toiling away at this desk (see photo) (which by the way is so messy right now that I have to move my tape dispenser to reach the Kleenex), the husband, in order to put up the tree, had to rearrange some furniture. One thing he did was move our dog, Candy’s crate. I don’t crate my dogs, although I am a huge proponent of crate training, simply because I don’t have room for five crates in my house, but Candy loves her crate. Candy is the oldest and at age 12, deserves her own space. But when the crate was moved, giving her a different view of the room, she rebelled by refusing to go in and instead had to suffer the indignities of lying on the carpet with the others. Out of sympathy, mostly for her age and the fact that she has seniority over the others, the husband rearranged yet again and put her crate back in its original spot. It didn’t take her two minutes to go in and lay down. Her “blankie” is an afghan I crocheted more than 25 years ago. She deserves it now, even if it does need a good washing.

Another of the brood, Fletcher, has developed an unhealthy attachment to Candy. He was acquired through the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County nearly four years ago and lost his mother at a very young four weeks of age. I suspect he thinks Candy is his mother. Fletcher is registered with the American Kennel Club as a Canine Good Citizen for his obedience training, but he sometimes has lapses in judgement. In this particular case, he was misbehaving by showing dominant behavior over Candy. As a result, he was required to sit in front of me. Don’t you agree that he is very apologetic?

Candy, by the way, is named for the dog in the once-popular children’s book, “Hurry Home, Candy,” by Meindert De Jong. I read this book as a child and thought it was lost to the ages, but was happy to recently learn that not only has it reemerged, but also Maurice Sendak illustrates a recent edition. If you don’t know who he is, you either don’t have children in your life or you are simply missing out. Google both author and illustrator, find them or see if your library has them and read them to yourself and the children in your life. No matter what your age they are classics that shouldn’t be ignored.

Fletcher is also known around this office as “one of the Tribune puppies.” It is a nice story about newspaper employees who cared enough about stray animals that efforts were made to take care of them and find them homes. This particular puppy found a home with us and his name is Fletcher because…brace yourself…. he was born behind a Chevy dealership and actor Chevy Chase played a character named Fletcher in a couple movies from the 1980s…you get the idea.

But what about the food you ask? This is; after all, a blog about healthy eating, so here’s the skinny about today’s meals. You may notice in the photo of the messy desk that there are egg cartons. Thursday is egg day and egg cartons are returned to the farm for recycling. And because Thursday is egg day, by Wednesday the egg supply at our house is often pretty low. There was one egg left this morning and to get two breakfasts from one egg, the most economical choice is French toast. French toast with lots of cinnamon, a little butter and a few drizzles of syrup. You may not get enough batter for four pieces of French toast from one store-bought egg, but you certainly will get enough from one fresh, farm egg.

Lunch was vegetarian vegetable soup in my favorite soup container. I think this is Tupperware and is many years old as evidence of the stains on the inside edges from many heat-ups in the microwave. The lid has a pop-up valve that allows steam to escape without overflowing the alphabet pasta all over the turntable. At one time there were two, but one disappeared as portable containers often do. I believe they have escaped to the land of mismatched socks.

Accompanying the soup was a ham and lettuce sandwich. To avoid offending my new co-workers, I decided to forego the onions. A couple sticks of string cheese for later and I am good to go the rest of the day. I think dinner will be salad with grilled chicken.


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