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Not so knitting weekend

December 8, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
My plan for the weekend, knowing it would be cold and snowy, was to stay indoors and knit.

I wrote last week about my new “hobby,” and my attempt to teach myself new knitting techniques. It is never as easy as it looks, but I chose a pattern that I thought was simple enough. There were no fancy stitches, cables or sleeves. I decided on an easy (and small) lap blanket. It is not as large as a regular size afghan, but is more of a mini-blanket that would fit across a person’s legs for a bit of warmth.

After a trip to the craft store for yarn and the right size needles, several hours on UTube looking up how-to-knit videos and ripping back and starting over three times, I managed to come up with what you see in the photo on the right. My goal was to knit 20 inches of this blanket over the weekend. I think I may have finished five or six inches and I’m not sure about the second color, so if I change my mind, it will get ripped back again. (I haven’t yet figured out how to retrieve stitches after ripping back and since my project isn’t that far along, I keep going all the way back to the beginning and starting over).

I’ve decided that I don’t like circular needles, or at least these circular needles. The short plastic needles are joined together with a long nylon “string” that holds the stitches on wide projects or projects that require knitting “in the round.” The nylon part kept twisting and getting in my way while I struggled with the stitches. I would have gladly exchanged this circular mess for straight needles, but I was following the pattern directions. This is how we learn.

I am still hoping to get to 20 inches by next weekend and hope to get all 72 rows finished quickly. But I’m afraid this is a new obsession that will likely stay with me until February at least, when I will be taking a woodcarving class. In the meantime, I’ve been perusing knitting magazines, reading knitting blogs and lingered a little too long over an ad for a spinning wheel. Stop me before I hurt someone.

Part of the reason I didn’t hit the knitting goal was due to the needs of one of my dogs. Little Annabelle, pictured on the right, is in desperate need of a trip to the doggy spa. Two appointments were canceled when the husband was without transportation, so instead of waiting for another appointment, I spent some time combing out her long hair. In this photo, she has just been groomed, but I let her grow out more in winter. After the comb-out, I cleaned her ears, clipped her toenails and put her in the bath. She is all soft and silky now and feeling (and smelling) much better. I swear she even acts perkier. Some things are more important than knitting.

This morning’s breakfast isn’t shown. Yes, I picked up eggs last week and yes, we ate eggs over the weekend, but this morning I went back to toast and peanut butter. I put my bread in the toaster and went off to put a few non-curls in my hair and added a bit of mascara to my invisible eyelashes and upon my return, my ever-helpful husband had already began slathering butter on the toast. I managed to stop him before he got the second slice, so my breakfast actually consisted of one slice of buttered toast and one slice of peanut-buttered toast. He is forgiven; however, because he braved the snow yesterday and went to the store and bought a box of Earl Gray tea. My morning tea is even better now.

Lunch was a meatloaf sandwich and I must tell you about the meatloaf. My husband cooks nearly every weekday, but on weekends, I take over to give him a break. This weekend, however, I was in the mood for his meatloaf, which is much tastier than mine. He obliged, even though it was a weekend and the photo of his meatloaf is on the right. The topping is the result of a concoction of brown sugar and mustard. I wanted him to make it so I could bring it for lunch and here it is as a sandwich that I prepared this morning with even more yellow mustard. That accompanied by tomato rice soup was a perfect comfort lunch that I’m sure will carry me through the afternoon.


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