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Eating during a move

November 20, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
Moving my office wasn’t as easy as packing up a few files.

There were years of photos to go through, accumulations of books to haul out and boxes of stuff that just sat there and waited for a decision.

I have never moved from a house. When I was married many years ago, I went from the house where I grew up to the house I still live in today. I don’t count that as moving. So while others, my daughter for one, have moved many, many times, I’m not as savvy a mover as perhaps I should be. After six years on one office, I found I had to transfer a roomful of stuff to one small desk with a few drawers. Its amazing how a person can learn to live with less around them.

Last weekend I took my microwave home. More than once, I almost tossed a frozen meal into my lunch bag only to remember I would have no way to heat it up later. There is a microwave in the newsroom, where I am now living during the workday, but those few in-between days presented a challenge. Instead I made sandwiches and got hot soup from Subway. It’s been too cold outside to subsist only on cold food. I had my morning tea at home before leaving the house, but did without my desktop tea once I got to work.

Breakfast this week were all the same. Sometime over the weekend I began thinking of poached eggs. Two eggs fill me up too much in the morning, but one poached egg seems to be just right. You can’t eat a poached egg quickly either. It has to be savored with its toast. In addition, toast with poached eggs don’t need butter. So each morning this week, I’ve had one poached egg and one slice of unbuttered toast, cut in half. The egg was placed on top of one half with the second half on the side. I never missed the second egg or the buttered toast. I have found that oats, while filling and really tasty on cold mornings, aren’t the same without a mashed banana stirred through. Besides, without bananas in the house, the poached egg was the best substitute, I found.

After a couple days of moving, I am finally settled in the newsroom and was able to forego the sandwich for that frozen meal at lunch. Amy’s rice macaroni and cheese with tuna was a good lunch. I kept some sugar-free lifesavers candy around this afternoon because it will be a late night at work and I don’t want to snack.

I think it’s chicken and salad for a late dinner to make up for a lack of vegetables earlier in the day.


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