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Berry good berries

October 22, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
I found some great looking raspberries the other day and couldn’t resist picking up a package. The berries were large and packaged in a long, thin container so that they weren’t be smashed.

Raspberries are one of my favorite berries only second to strawberries. I have a small raspberry patch in my yard, but usually have to share them with the birds and only end up with a few handfuls for myself. I keep promising myself to enlarge the patch, but so far it hasn’t been a priority.

Some sources reveal that raspberries contain 50 percent more phyto-nutrients than other berries, three times more than kiwis and 10 times more than tomatoes. That’s a lot of good nutrition that researchers believe fight free-radicals in our systems. Free-radicals are blamed for damaging cell structure.

Scientists are learning more and more each day about how food not only fuels our bodies, but how the proteins in food work in conjunction with our cells to rebuild, boost our immune systems and provide the nutrients we need. What science hasn’t learned yet is how these proteins interact with each other, which makes the case for having the ability to digest and use an extremely wide variety of foods.

While I enjoy learning about my favorite food and what it can do for me nutritionally, I mostly enjoy figuring out ways to grow it and use it in my everyday life. But sometimes I just don’t have the time to delve into experiments with recipes, so this morning I was satisfied to merely top my cereal with some of those plump berries and be on my way.

Perhaps later I’ll combine them with some of my frozen, local blueberries and make a crisp, or a parfait or simply use them to top a container of yogurt.

Recently I discovered that I don’t need an entire six-inch sub sandwich to satisfy me for lunch. Subway has a great mini-sub that is about two-thirds the size of their small sandwich. Just pile it with as many vegetables as will fit and it is just as filling. Today’s mini-sub was made with turkey and a half slice of cheese. Low fat mayo was my dressing of choice and accounted for the discretionary calories in today’s meal.


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Breakfast: 2 ounces grains; ½ cup fruit; 1 cup milk; 30 discretionary calories.