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Look at the trees

October 17, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
When my kids were young and still lived at home, I would always make them take a few minutes in the fall to notice the leaves changing.

I made them do other things too, like stop everything and come outside to see a rainbow or check out the huge number of fireflies in the backyard.

They did a bit of moaning, but always humored me.

They are grown and on their own now and I don’t know if they are stopping to see the leaves anymore, but I bet they do notice once in a while.

So, since they aren’t around to badger any longer, I am telling all of you to take a few minutes and pay attention to what is going on out there. Just two weeks ago, the trees were still filled with green and there were very few orange, red, gold and rust-colored leaves on the trees. Not to mention very few leaf piles beneath those trees. If you drive the Route 82 bypass, you can see all the different colors blending together into any artist’s fantasy of impressionism. Bob Ross, if he were still alive, would be falling over himself to paint it.

Pay attention now because it will soon be gone. Two weeks from now, while we are cursing the piles we have to rake up and haul away (to the compost pile, I hope, and not stuffed into a plastic trash bag), we can look to this weekend and remember how they looked before they all fell down.

This morning started out with a breakfast of eggs and toast. I could have had oatmeal, but forgot to thaw out some blueberries. I was never an oatmeal fan until I found ways to dress it up with fruit, nuts, cinnamon and brown sugar. My microwave went to appliance heaven a couple weeks ago and hasn’t yet been replaced. We don’t realize how much we depend on those things until we have to start depending on our own brains to plan ahead for things like defrosting.

Lunch was very filling and as I sit here typing this two hours later, I am still satisfied. I’m fulfilling the soup cravings and had a bowl of Healthy Choice minestrone soup with pasta and beans. In addition, I made a tuna salad sandwich with green olives and chopped onion, but could only eat half. I also had an apple, a small Honeycrisp. That’s another thing you’d better enjoy now before they are gone. Honeycrisp is an early season apple and won’t be available much longer.


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Breakfast: 2 ounces grains; 2 ounces meat; 90 discretionary calories (2 tsp. butter on toast and sugar in tea).