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October 9, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
Ask and you shall receive and I certainly have been receiving my share of soup after wishing for it yesterday.

Not only did I find soup for my lunch, but I came home from work to find that my husband was planning chicken noodle soup for dinner. It wasn’t one of his fabulous homemade soups; however. He had a busy day and instead resorted to a boxed product, but that’s okay too.

I love that so many people, me included, can fall victim to outside influences when it comes to eating. When I began reading the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich (I love that our last names are so similar), my daughter told me, “you will want doughnuts.” She was so right. When the author would describe the heroine splitting bags of doughnuts with other characters, I found myself fighting the urge to go to the bakery. I probably eat a doughnut once or twice a year and that is usually because someone offered it during a weak moment.

A recent food blogger on another Web site, who is also a registered dietician, advised that allowing a treat now and then is a good thing, especially now that Halloween is near and candy is so much in the forefront. But she also wrote that if you eat candy every day, having it on Halloween is not a treat, nor it is an excuse to eat more candy. But if you eat healthy the rest of the time, a Halloween treat won’t hurt you. Teaching your children these concepts can give them a healthier relationship with food.

My cupboard is nearly bare so some shopping is in order. For breakfast, I had another of my favorite comfort foods, tea and toast. As I suspected, it didn’t hold me until lunch, which was a repeat of Wednesday’s with one minor change. Instead of having tomato soup this time, I settled for a garden vegetable soup. This canned soup was by Health Valley, fat free and advertised as containing 14 garden vegetables. I think there were several varieties of beans involved and each variety was likely counted as one of the vegetables. But the soup was chunky and hearty, even if it did need a little salt.

I accompanied the soup with another chicken salad sandwich on Tuscan bread. This bread is thinly sliced with a crunchy crust. The chicken salad is an in-store “homemade” version that contains nice chunks of chicken and celery. It will definitely hold me over to dinner with no snack needed in between, which is a good thing as I have been too busy for snacking anyway.

I think chicken is on the menu for dinner as I saw one defrosting in the refrigerator last night.

Just as I suspected, chicken was on the menu. It was roasted with potatoes and carrots. A hot, one-pot meal.


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Breakfast: 2 ounces grains; 75 discretionary calories (2 tsps. butter on toast, 2 tsps. sugar in tea).