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The weekend is here!

September 20, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
I love my weekends, especially when I don’t have any other plans other than what I want to do. While my retired husband plans to spend the day mowing and playing in his woodshop, I expect to do a few household chores and then spend at least today in my sewing/craft/writing room. What I end up doing in there isn’t fully mapped out until I actually go there and shut the door.

This morning I started the day with a healthy breakfast of Fiber One cereal, a small banana and skim milk.

I’ve been reading a mystery/adventure series of books by Janet Evanovich, a popular author who’s books have been ranked by some venues as “the best beach books ever.” I did, in fact, take four of them to the beach last month and of the so-far 14 book series, I am on number eight. After reading up on the author, I found that one of her favorite sandwiches is peanut butter and green olives. A strange combination, but intriguing enough to make me want to try. Maybe I’ll do that for lunch, or maybe not. After breakfast, I’m not hungry at the moment, and by the time I am, peanut butter and green olives just might not seem all that appetizing.

Lunch came and went and I decided not to try the strange sandwich, at least not for lunch. Instead my husband grilled hotdogs and I enjoyed mine with stadium mustard, chopped onion and kraut.

But then later, while I continued to spend much of my afternoon reading, I couldn't stand it any longer and decided to try the peanut butter and green olive sandwich as a snack. I couldn't bring myself to make an entire sandwich, however, so I opted for half, spreading peanut butter on a half slice of bread, topping it with about five green olives and covering with the other half.

It didn't taste bad, but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. I love green olives, especially their tanginess, but the peanut butter blanded them down. While the combination wasn't disgusting, it was merely okay. I doubt this will be a go-to sandwich for me.

Another sandwich, however, mentioned in the series of books is peanut butter with potato chips. I am a fan of crunch, so that one I will likely try on another day. But not today.

Dinner was simple. A grilled rib-eye steak with salad. I picked up a spray bottle of Italian dressing at the grocery store last week just to give it a try. I don't like my salad swimming in dressing anyway and I thought this would be a good way to not overdo it. The dressing was good but it didn't have that bite that I'm used to with Wishbone or other types of bottled dressing. I'll continue to use it though since I also don't like wasting food.


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