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Back from the beach

August 25, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
After more than a week at the beach, I am ready for cold weather. It happens every time we take a late vacation, which is why I prefer to take my vacations later in the season. Early vacations don’t seem to have the same impact as when we view them as the mark of the end of summer.

Of course, we don’t want summer to end. It is just okay now if it happens because we got our beach vacation in time. Don’t ask for an explanation. Just go with it.

The beach at the end of summer isn’t a bad place to go. We go south, but not too far, so that the water is still warm, but we aren’t sweltering from the heat. We try to stay as healthy as possible, but eating out can be a challenge. We manage to take in seafood, have pizza delivered when we don’t feel like going out and stay out of the sun as much as possible. If that sounds odd for a beach vacation, it isn’t for us.

We’ve had bouts of skin cancer that were reported by our doctors to be a direct result of too much fun in the sun. So we still take that beach vacation, but are sure to remain under umbrellas, visors, hats and sunglasses throughout much of the week. We also slather on the sunscreen, several times a day, to ensure it is still working for us. Nonetheless, we still manage to come home a little browner than we were before we left, even with all our effort.

Have we settled down for the rest of summer? Not quite. We came home to a garden filled with ripe tomatoes, potatoes and scallions to dig, peppers as big as our fists and more beans to harvest. It isn’t over yet. Nor is healthy eating. I was planning to blog while on vacation, but after our plane landed in North Carolina, I realized I left behind my camera’s card reader and USB connection. Sorry to have kept you all waiting so long for an update.

Although we grocery shopped for breakfast and lunch items, dinners were nearly always eaten in restaurants. Restaurant eating is difficult if you are trying to stick to a healthier program, so to assure I wasn’t taking in more than I needed, I did little things that might not have amounted to much per meal, but added together, probably made a difference. These things included ordering salads with dressing on the side and then using them sparingly; taking the skin (and any breading, if there was any) off of chicken, and ordering extra vegetables instead of French fries.

Back from the beach, I am ready to go back to home cooked meals where I can control my own portions and make my own food preparation choices.

This morning I was ready to get back to work so I began the day with a two-egg scramble, toast and a banana. Eggs are always a good bet for taking me all the way to lunch without feeling hungry.

Lunch was a mini-sub from Subway, and I chose tuna with cheese and lettuce. I really wanted soup, but they were fresh out and a new batch wasn’t ready, so I grabbed a bag of whole grain chips and a diet soda. Stay tuned for dinner.

Dinner was a breaded and baked chicken breast with roasted potatoes and an ear of corn.


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The ocean late last week was a bit rough from the overflow of Hurricane Fay, but early in the week it was very nice.