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Unlucky day

June 13, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
I knew today was June 13, and I knew it was Friday, but I didn’t think about the connection until someone mentioned this morning that it was “Friday the 13th.”

I’d like to think that I am not superstitious, but I have been known to toss salt over my left shoulder if I accidentally knock over the shaker and I find myself knocking on wood to ward off potential doom. But I wonder if all the inconvenient things happening today is a result of this unlucky date on the calendar or is it just me?

As I sit here, trying to download photos off of a new camera into my computer, for a story that has a deadline of today, I am trying to ward off the frustration that it isn’t going as smoothly as I expected. Is it the camera’s memory card, the reading device, the computer or me?

Instead, I find myself wishing for tomorrow and the weekend. It is expected to be a busy one, although not entirely unlucky. In fact, I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a huge box of flower bulbs that arrived yesterday at my doorstep. My husband called to tell me that UPS had just delivered the box from a garden center in Virginia and should he open it. Of course, I told him.

I belong to the Garden Writer’s Association and a perk of their membership is that I often get free stuff from companies who want me to try out their products and recommend them in my columns. Sometimes, if the item is worthy, I do mention them. If the product does not meet the standards I expect, well, the gift-giver might be dismayed when I mention that too. It’s a chance they have to take when looking for free publicity.

I usually get things like small hand tools or newly published gardening books, but it is always nice to get free plants. So tomorrow I will be planting dahlias, gladiolus and lilies in what is described as a “cool” garden in flower shades of purple, pink and white. Photos will come later, as will the name of the garden center that provided the plants. I am writing this from my office and the box is at my house, and the name has escaped me for the moment.

Strawberry picking is also on the agenda for tomorrow, as well as a guitar “lesson” that my son and I will take together. We don’t have a teacher. It is just the two of us watching how-to DVD’s and strumming our hearts out. Don’t look for us on any future episodes of “America’s Got Talent,” however. It’s just for fun. I was planning to take a woodcarving class tomorrow for carving “Green men” faces, but the instructor had to cancel. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to starting yet another project that I probably wouldn’t finish.

Today’s breakfast was simple and quick with two slices of homemade bread and peanut butter. Not shown is my morning cup of tea.

Lunch was simple as well, although a bit disappointing. I planned to bring leftovers from last night’s dinner, but walked out the door this morning leaving them behind. They will make a good lunch tomorrow, so it’s not a total loss. Instead I ordered a grilled chicken salad from a local eatery and was disappointed to see that the salad looked nothing like the photo on the menu. I expected more green but instead received iceberg lettuce with dinky servings of carrots, onions and cold, grilled chicken. I opted for the low-calorie ranch dressing and that was probably what made the whole thing palatable. Lesson learned.

Dinner was another story. We celebrated our son's birthday by taking him to dinner at Red Lobster. I ordered the Admiral's feast, not realizing it was all breaded and fried. I'm sure it said that on the menu, but I wasn't paying attention. Regardless, by the time I had the salad and one of the their cheddar biscuits, I probably could have called that dinner and been satisfied. As it was, I ate very little of the plate shown here, and brought most of it home for someone else to enjoy.


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