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A house full of UFOs

June 12, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
I know people who can love just one thing. I’m not one of them.

Some advice I have heard over the years proclaimed that I should learn one thing, really well, and make it my own. I supposed if I exhibited some sort of talent, such as singing, acting or painting, it would ultimately be the one thing I could continually practice until I became expert at that particular art. Perhaps you could say writing was my forte, although I know several other writers who are much more adept, and having a job that utilizes that skill is quite refreshing.

But I’m not talking about my profession here. I’m talking about those things we do to escape from our tasks. They could be called hobbies, interests or even, as one friend said recently, “This is what I really do. My job is just a sideline.”

So I look around and wonder which of these things I call my hobby is truly what I want to do. I have a craft cabinet filled with unquilted patchwork “tops” that someday might become my art. Each one was close to my heart, at least when I began the project. On the topmost shelf of my cabinet is a cross-stitch sampler of a New England design. The sampler pattern is of sailing ships and Victorian houses, as well as fancy, serif printed fonts naming each of the New England states in a different shade of floss. It’s about one-third complete and I can’t remember the last time I picked it up.

The nightstand by my bed holds a stack of unread books that is seemly growing taller. I assume it will eventually, as most children do, become taller than I am. I wonder if the stack will giggle with delight when it reaches that point, not unlike my granddaughter who never fails to mention that she will soon be “as tall as grandma.” She is 8 years old.

I have a knitting bag and several skeins of yarn; a bottle of every size crochet hook that exists, some of which belonged to my great-grandmother; and princess dress patterns for a girl who has abandoned princesses for horseback riding.

When I wasn’t working full time, I still had all of these things. In fact, that is when many of these things were started, including the crocheted afghan I started for my daughter the year she was married. Next month, she’ll celebrate her 11-year anniversary.

But I won’t part with any of it. Each time I open the cabinet in search of something else totally unrelated, I see all of those UFO (unfinished objects) and mentally tell myself that someday I will get back to them.

This morning I started my day with scrambled eggs, two slices of homemade oat/wheat bread and tea. Eggs always hold me over well through the morning. Since the days are warmer now, I’m not as anxious to have that huge bowl of warm oats.

Lunch was a meal out again and I opted for the restaurant’s daily special of grilled cheese and soup. I chose the clam chowder. Since I was in Cortland talking to Master Gardener judges for the amateur garden contest and taking photos at the research and education garden there, I stopped at Top Notch Diner for my meal on my way back to Niles.

A fish dinner was waiting for me when I got home. My husband created a pouch of fresh perch, vegetables, lemon and seasonings, which he baked for a half hour. I added a baked potato and more homemade wheat bread to round out the food groups.


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