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Wearable tracks physical movement, state of mind

June 25, 2014 - Chris Pugh
Good health isn't just about the body, it's about the mind.

California-based Spire is hoping to address that by offering the first wearable that tracks physical movement and measures the individual's state of mind through breathing patterns.

The device makes recommendations through push notifications and activity reccomendations.

"Breathing patterns are incredibly sensitive to state of mind. Spire measures over 10 characteristics of each breath cycle to assess levels of stress, focus, and more," Spire co-founder and chief product officer Neema Moraveji said. "Spire is like a weather app for your day -- giving you insight into your different states of mind along with fitness data."

"We created Spire to address a significant hole in the marketplace. Many activity tracker owners have grown dissatisfied that their device ignores 86 percent of their day by tracking only movement," Spire co-founder and chief executive officer said. "Whether in the gym, at work, or commuting in a car, Spire empowers users to perform their best throughout the entire day. The key breakthrough of using respiratory patterns to measure state-of-mind is that it allows us to provide feedback that is easy to understand and act upon. It's advanced science mixed with common sense."

Spire is expected to retail for $149.99 and ship September.

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