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WatchESPN is great, but could be better

March 18, 2014 - Chris Pugh
In theory, WatchESPN is a great idea.

WatchESPN is designed to offer live and taped ESPN programming to those who watch video on desktop, laptop, mobile device or by streaming video to their televisions.

The app is available on video game systems as well as video streaming devices such as Roku and tablets.

You can get everything from professional, college and prep sports in the U.S. in addition to various sports around the world.

The principle behind offering online access to live ESPN programming is to provide cable subscribers with online viewing options.

In theory, I get that.

But what about people like me, people who cut the cord and only stream television programming through online sources.

Currently, my WatchESPN app allows me to watch highlights only, which is a good compromise.

But what would it look like if ESPN decided to allow customers to buy a separate subscription to WatchESPN without the having to purchase a cable package.

It's tricky, but what if people would pay $10-$20 per month for the service.

A recent deal between Dish Network and Disney, the company that owns ESPN, may eventually allow for this to happen in the next few years.

In the meantime, ESPN may be leaving money on the table by not allowing subscribers to buy access to live programming.

Would you pay for online access to ESPN? Email me at and I'll publish your responses in a future column.

Chris Pugh is a copy editor and blogger for the Tribune Chronicle. You can follow Tech Corner at and

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