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You eat what you are 3 – How you crumble over your cookies

August 7, 2013 - Burton Cole (humor columnist)

Tie on your bib, grab a fistful of napkins and let's continue our series of how to analyze your personality by what your flavor preferences of a variety of foods. On today's menu – cookies.

Freelance writer Patti Stafford shared in Yahoo news information she gathered from the experts, busybodies and quacks who offer to tell you by the cookie company you keep.

* Peanut butter – Aww, you're a nurturer. According to Stafford's research, peanut butter cookies are full of nostalgia, and warm, fuzzy feelings of one's childhood. Peanut butter cookie people are thought to be loyal, kind, calm, but they really aren't overly sentimental, according to the behavioral experts. They do love harmony in the home, though.

* Chunk or nutty cookies – Adventurous. Studies indicate that you enjoy living and experiencing life to the fullest. The nutty buddies can be daring, curious and great leaders.

* Chocolate chip – Optimistic and “the life of the party.” Researchers say chocolate chippers meet challenges head-on, and have a knack for flipping bad situations into their favor. Chocolate chips conquer all.

* Sandwich cookies – Sure, you're a grownup, but that kid is bubbling just beneath the surface. The kid wants to try everything, and just loves surprises. I guess that's what the sandwich cookie is all about – the sensible surface with the kaboom on the inside.

* Oatmeal – As they say, it's complicated. Oatmeal people are the idea people, and the ones who get the projects off the ground. But they're, well, you know, complicated. Don't ask me to explain it. I'm a chocolate chip.

And now our bonus feature – Girl Scout Cookies! says it has your number by the Girl Scout Cookies that show up on your doorstep:

* Thin Mints – Bold flavors like Thin Mints are the territory of the laid-back, easygoing, agreeable folk, according to PersonalityQuiz.

* Samoas – The smart choice for smart people. Like the oatmeal cookies above, it's a complicated mix of textures and flavors, just right for complex, focused, intelligent overachievers.

* Tagalongs – The artist. Tagalong people are highly creative and often deep in thought. They're not ignoring you; they're just considering ways to fancy up their latest projects.

* Do-Si-Dos – Oh, you kid you. Sure, there's oatmeal involved, but apparently the peanut butter takes over. Do-Si-Dos sing, “Tra-la-la” as you go skipping along, inviting all the neighbors to c'mon over and play tag with you.

* Trefoils – And then we have the no-frills shortbread cookie that's the fave of organized go-getters who thrive under pressure, according to PersonalityQuiz. The high-charging, no-doubts dynamos who are Trefoils types feel energized by stress.

Up next in our fun food facts series, how to find the perfect date by whether he or she layers the mustard or sauerkraut on the his or her hot dogs. (If you found a date who considers dogs fine dining, that might tell you enough right there.)


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Aug-12-13 3:38 PM

I wonder what it says about me. I love all of them except those nasty, coconut polluted Samoas.


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