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You eat what you are 1 – Your cupcake personality

July 31, 2013 - Burton Cole (humor columnist)

Your cupcakes are ratting you out, the delicious little tattletales.

Sunday's “Burt's Eye View” offered an appetizer of food and personality research that claims the famous phrase should be “You eat what you are.” Follow the link elsewhere on this page for that item.

This is the first in a series of blogs to give a little more table space to the studies. Why? It's cheaper than a trip to the psychologist, and good sight tastier.

First up, let's analyze your personality by your cupcake preference.

In a Reader's Digest article in June 2012, Lauren Gniazdowski interviewed sisters Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis, the founders of Georgetown Cupcake and stars of the TLC series “DC Cupcakes.”

The sisters say they've noticed certain personality types gravitate toward specific treats. It goes like this:

* Vanilla – You've heard of a “plain vanilla” person. That's you. Traditional. Steady. Middle of the road. Kinda boring. But if you choose to top your vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting, it shows that you are open to a little bit of risk.

* Chocolate – You're a rather intense, serious and focused person. “The double-chocolate combo is usually preferred by deep thinkers," Katherine judged. Temper that assessment a little if you go with vanilla frosting on your chocolate.

* Carrot – You're a practical kind of person, ruled by commonsense. I mean, c'mon, it's a treat and you're taking it with vegetables, for crying out loud.

* Peanut butter fudge – Ah, the adventurous sort. Who cares about the consequences? You'll consider them later. “Choosing a rich, messy, over-the-top flavor shows you jump into new activities feet-first," according to Sophie.

* Lemon berry – Hiya, spunky! You're a joy to be around. “We've found that people drawn to bright frostings and flavors tend to embrace life in the most colorful way,” Katherine told Reader's Digest.

* Red velvet – Turn the lights down low and dig out those Barry White albums. You are a romantic. And not just in love with yourself, either. Red velvet's the kind of cupcake you buy to share with someone special, according to Katherine.

* Mocha – Business professional, are you? The mocha people – the group that just have to have that coffee taste even in their sweet, relaxing treats, aren't about to relax. You're too ambitious, too ready to get out there and go get 'em. Salted caramel – Impulsive. How so? You can't figure out if you want salty or sweet. You debate it, you stew about it … then you grab the one that has both.

* Coconut – Outgoing. “Coconut's definitely for extroverts, probably because it's such a strong, fun, and festive flavor,” Sophie told Reader's Digest.

So, cupcake, which flavor are you?

Come back in a couple days and we'll try to psychoanaylze ourselves by pizza toppings!


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It's chocolate, the choice of intense, focused personalities -- especially if you're focused on eating chocolate before someone swipes it.


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