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Golf course issue has players on edge

January 28, 2013 - Frank Robinson
It's a shame what is going on at the Old Avalon golf course in Howland.

The operator of the course says he no longer can operate the city-of-Warren owned property due to a disagreement about $100,000 in needed improvements. But Warren officials are saying the operator owes the city $320,000 and is no longer operating the course at 794 E. Market St., because it has breached its contract. They claim the city has not received a payment for the lease of the course since 2009.

The dispute has left the faithful golfers of the course scratching their heads.

Sam Sloban and his wife Eleanor, of Niles, are two good examples.

Eleanor said there are about dozen leagues that use the course, and they can't get any answers one way or the other on when, or if, it will open this year.

She said time is getting tight to reschedule -- if possible -- at another golf course. She said their phone rings constantly from fellow golfers wanting to get some answers. She added that a third party is interested in operating the course, by that person can't get any information, either.

She said she can't get any answers. And she, and other golfers, deserve an answer one way or the other.

Anything less than a quick reply from the city is unfair and demeaning


Article Comments

Feb-10-13 5:50 PM

Even G.E. on North Park had the courtesy of giving a one year notice before closing the doors and packing up.Call a foreign country they may be interested in buying the course and moving it so it can make a profit.


Feb-07-13 10:52 AM

Gee, when Old Avalon (aka Avalon South) was embroiled in the city's corruption news, the Tribune Chronicle couldn't wait to report all the sordid details for months. The 14 golf leagues at Old Avalon can't get a straight answer as there is a cloud of secrecy surrounding the demise of the course. We have no assurance from Mr. Cantalamessa that the course WILL open and if so what condition will it be in and who will run it? I find it ironic that The Tribune has not taken up the concerns to find out what's the city is hiding. Or is it because the "good old boys are back in town" playing games with the public.


Feb-07-13 10:36 AM

I am chairperson for TWO golf leagues at Old Avalon Golf Course. My one league has been in existence for over 50 years and we have 65 members. I've called the mayor's office and his secretary's response to my request to meet with the mayor "Yeah, you and everybody else's mothers want to speak to him about the golf course! " I've written a letter to Mr. Cantalamessa which he obviously feels he doesn't have to respond to my concerns. This and the other leagues are faced with a possiblity that the "course" will be pulled out from under us too late to salvage our upcoming season. You are a very poor excuse for a "public servant" who does not address the concerns of the public. As for business logic, it's simple math Mr."C". One league, 65 golfers pay over 600-700 dollars a week equal 13 - 14 thousand dollars for our golf season. Any comment Mr. Cantalamessa????


Feb-06-13 8:28 PM

Countyresident is right. Enzo makes the Best Pizza in town too! Good people the Cantalamessas.


Feb-03-13 10:30 AM

Many people of tried to contac Cantalamessa. Apparently he(and his cronies) do not know how to use a phone to return phone calls. His latest brainstorm is to have the city run the course. The city can not even run the city!!!! Another example of the "Good Old Boys Club", as Angelo has been appointed to oversee the golfcourse now!! What does the Tidy Bowl Man know about runniing a golf course??


Feb-01-13 9:44 AM

I would suggest that anyone interested in "operating the course" contact Mr. Cantalamesa. I believe him to be a man who will get things done properly.


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