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It's all about the job

February 22, 2008 - Kathie Evanoff
I’ve gotten way behind in my blogs this week because of such a busy schedule, but I will try to catch up by doubling up on a few days. I apologize for the inconvenience.

On Monday morning, I managed to get to the gym early, and as a result, had breakfast in my office. At first I thought I was totally out of fruit, but found a banana and some blueberries I had left there Friday. I heated up a package of Quaker Heart Healthy instant oatmeal and coarsely mashed the banana into the cereal. I tossed on the blueberries and a few sliced almonds. It really hit the spot and kept me full until lunch.

Lunch was not the calm meal I usually enjoy at my desk. I didn’t take the time to pack one that morning figuring I could just go to Subway. Subway once a week or so is a good lunch and I don’t go often enough to get tired of it. After ordering turkey and ham on a six-inch wheat roll, I got word from a local police officer that Barack Obama’s motorcade would be coming through Niles on the way from RMI to Youngstown State University. There also was talk that he might stop at the McKinley Memorial. I didn’t want to miss this photo opportunity, so I immediately went back to my office to get my camera. As it turned out, the motorcade did come through town, but was moving so fast and didn’t stop at all, that I was unable to get a photo. But while I waited for nearly an hour, I sat in a chair near my front window so I could see both intersections on either side of the memorial and ate my lunch there not wanting to miss a photo opportunity.

Monday is usually a pretty busy day as I am catching up on anything I didn’t get done for The Niles Times the previous Friday. Monday and Tuesday mornings are my last chance to get it all together, and if a last minute photo opportunity or interview should come up, I have to squeeze those in as well. Some days it seems I’m never in my office because there is so much running around to do getting information for the paper, and some days I can’t leave because I have to put it all together before press day. One day is never the same as the next. But it can be an exciting job and there certainly is never any boredom.

Although I never get time for an afternoon snack on Tuesday, some Mondays I am able to sneak one in. That wasn’t the case this Monday; however, so lunch had to carry me all the way to dinner.

I was happy with dinner on Monday. My husband was able to make a quick run to the store for a few items to tie us over for a few days, and I still had one piece of tilapia in the freezer. My husband doesn’t eat fish, so I enjoyed it all myself, breaded and pan fried in a bit of olive oil. I accompanied the fish with some brussels sprouts, a half ciabatta roll; salad and melon with the last of my blueberries, as well as a glass of milk.

Tuesday morning I knew I was running low and cereal and had no blueberries left, so I opted for one egg prepared on a dry griddle with some cooking oil spray. I also had one piece of dry toast, an orange and milk. Eggs always manage to keep me satisfied throughout the morning, so I wasn’t worried about hunger before lunch.

On Sunday, while my husband and I had his crab-stuffed shells, my son, who came over to watch the NASCAR race, had chicken. I had some leftover chicken from his meal, so I brought it to have as a sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato. I also had about a cup of cottage cheese and a half-cup container of applesauce.

I knew I had a meeting Tuesday night with the ladies from the Newton Falls Evening Arts Guild, a woman’s literary club that has been in existence for more than 75 years. I had no clue what the hostess would serve, but knew it would be dessert. I hadn’t had a dessert in nearly two months, and was looking forward to partaking of the treat. But first I needed dinner. My husband prepared a chicken in marinara sauce and put some sweet potato coins in the oven so they would be ready when I got home. I didn't mind having chicken for both lunch and dinner because both were prepared so differently.

Later at the meeting, our hostess served a wonderful strawberry cake with M&M candies and cashews. I had a little of each with a cup of tea, no sugar this time. It was great treating myself to a dessert and I didn’t feel a bit guilty.


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Monday breakfast (not shown) and lunch: 4 ounces grains; 3 ounces meat; ½ cup fruit (blueberries on oatmeal); 1 cup vegetables; 1 tsp. oils (nuts on oatmeal); 30 discretionary calories (morning tea with sugar)