Government should punish General Motors


Donald Trump told a lot of people that the American auto industry was coming back. He said there are many companies moving back into the United States.

They’re opening up car plants all over the country.

As usual, there is no proof to back up his boasts. Soon after GM announced plans to cut 14,000 jobs at five plants planned for closure. GM’s move came a month after Ford announced plans to lay off thousands of its workers.

GM plans to shut down car factories, including one in Lordstown that makes the Chevy Cruze.

Trump told the people of Ohio manufacturing jobs are all coming back — don’t move, don’t sell your house. So, is it working out? He promised other states that they wouldn’t lose one plant. Less than a year later, Trump and the Republicans pushed through the tax plan that gave GM a $514 million tax break, which went to the enrichment of GM’s shareholders and a lot of it went to help build a plant in Mexico.

So, I hope everyone sees no matter how hard or long you work for companies like GM, they never will respect you. It’s the almighty dollar they respect, and it comes first, before the workers. Moving production offshore is the main way companies circumvent American labor. They move to places that pay less than half what American workers make. To top it all off, GM is no longer in financial trouble. They are recording record profits in the tens of billions of dollars. Head honcho Mary Barra received $22 million in compensation last year — about 300 times the average salary of GM employees.

It wouldn’t surprise me if GM decided to build a plant in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Russia or Yemen. You can’t put anything past these anti-American, money-grubbing suits. Our government has to come down hard on these car companies and put a halt to their evilness, but that won’t happen as long as this bunch of GM admirers are in control.


Hermitage, Pa.