Support veterans with peace, not war


The best way to honor our veterans is to stop sending our young men and women into constitutionally congressionally undeclared wars — see article 1 88 (11).

The last war authorized by congress was against Hitler and Tojo.

These undeclared wars and the resulting carnage are inevitable as long as the industrial military complex controls our government ad the largest share of our federal budget.

We have been on a war footing since 1940. With all these arms and soldiers, we seem destined to use them. Seventeen years in Afghanistan — where the British and Russians were defeated after decades. We are still occupying Iraq after a preemptive invasion based on false premises.

A half dozen men in Washington’s executive branch commit the USA to these mortal follies. Let us support our troops by saying: No, never again. Follow the constitution. No standing armies. No wars without a congressional declaration.

We do not need a $700 billion dollar defense budget. We do not need to be at war unless attacked by another nation. Vote for a peace candidate — that’s how to support our veterans.