Letter showed hatred of non-Democrats


In the Nov. 18 edition of the Tribune Chronicle, there were a few statements made in one of the Letters to the Editor that I should like to comment on and refute as well.

In the 1940s and 1950s, my parents were staunch Democrats; my late wife and I were mostly Democratic supporters until after the JFK assassination. (He was not killed by the GOP but in our opinion, killed for not backing the Democratic party completely.) When LBJ took over, with his Great Society plan, we became more libertarian with GOP tendencies. The screaming masses at political functions that now claim to be Democratic supporters probably have my parents spinning in their graves. I do vote a split ticket, but the selection of Democratic candidates that I feel are worth voting for is shrinking.

So along comes a letter proposing that the cure for all ills is just getting free medical care from the government. Last year, while I and a group of 45 others toured Ireland, a story in the local paper there outlined that country’s health care problems — just as there are in most European nations where the liberals are in control.

Ireland is almost the same size in area and population as Ohio. According to the article, Ireland had over 5,000 folks who had been waiting longer than 15 months for free government health care. The Health Ministry was advising the population to pay for their own medical treatment if they could not wait that long. The Irish medical system was having a severe shortage of nurses and doctors causing the long delays for treatment.

A friend who lives in Canada a good part of the year says their system is worse than the U.S. system and almost as bad as the European system. Is our system the best that it can be? No, but it is much more patient-oriented than the pie in the sky, free for all system proposed by the liberal letter writer. That writer can barely conceal his hatred of President Trump and anyone else who is not a Democrat.