Issues raise blood pressure


When I read the June 24 Tribune Chronicle story “Trumbull Women Revisit Trump,” my blood pressure was elevated.

What fantasy world are these women are living in?

“Trump is protecting the children by keeping them with their families,” one woman said.

Wake up lady — he and Jeff Sessions are the reason why they were separated in the first place. I know the law has been on the books, but Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama all had hearts and would not have separated the families like that.

Another lady was quoted saying, “We knew he was a playboy from the start.”

Playboy, no. Sexual predator, yes.

We have seen the video with Billy Bush. Would you trust him around your daughter?

The man is an adulterer. He lies constantly, and he has no morals. (I could go on.)

Here’s a hint, ladies: turn off Fox News.

He yells about “fake news.” All you have to do is substitute fake for Fox.

And I haven’t even touched on his racist outlook and his love for political tyrants. I will save that for another letter, I feel my blood pressure spiking, again.