Don’t expect job creation yet


Any cuts to Social Security would be devastating to millions of Americans. Retired Americans are struggling to afford rising food, energy and health care costs. Congress should be working to strengthen Social Security instead of trying to cut it and privatize it. Medicare and Medicaid are both in trouble because House and Senate Republicans are still trying to destroy them. They are targeting these earned benefits with deep cuts and radical reforms in order to pay down the huge deficit caused by the GOP-Trump tax law that benefits the largest corporations and the filthy rich.

Now that the anti-Trump middle class, anti-worker, anti-elderly and anti-poor Paul Ryan is retiring, people can’t sit back and think that his evil agenda is history. There are more corporate lovers who will gladly step in and continue to do Ryan’s dirty work.

Here are a few words about trade.

A growing manufacturing base is vital to America’s economic and national security, as well as providing good jobs for future generations. But the U.S. economy and our manufacturing sector have been hit hard by the 2008 recession. U.S. manufacturing has lost 1,920,000 jobs since the recession began. Our businesses, large and small can compete with any foreign company in the world in productivity, quality and cost, but they can not compete against foreign governments that engage in fair trade practices such as currency manipulations, non-tariff barriers and massive industrial subsidies. China, Korea and Japan and other countries erect barriers to block American goods while utilizing World Trade Organization (WTO) measures to gain market share in the U.S.

Every 100 steel or every 100 auto jobs create between 400 and 500 new jobs in the rest of the economy; but we have companies that don’t want to create jobs in America. They would rather move to China, Japan and Mexico, where workers are paid slave wages — and it’s all because of greed.

Greed is No. 1 on the list of reasons we are losing manufacturing jobs. Lousy trade agreements is No. 2.

Will we see a turn-around in job creation? Not as long as the Republicans control the House and Senate.

Vote Democrat in November.


Hermitage, Pa