Residents not to blame for sewers


This is in response to a letter from the man who is supposed to clean Warren streets and blames city residents for blocking the storm sewer when they mow their lawns.

If you want to blame someone for that, start with the street department. In the winter they use their mix of rock salt and slag. They ride around the streets with their snow blades up, one hand on the steering wheel and the other around a cup of coffee or their cellphones.

Basements are flooding because streets aren’t being cleaned. When it rains, we watch the slag run into the storm sewe,r adding more problems with flooded basements.

How about the safety service and street supervisor doing their jobs?

Everyone is too busy blaming residents rather than taking care of the problem.

My suggestion is for the city of Warren to buy a new sweeper and hire someone for that job. Then the streets will be cleaned.

Every year most of the streets are not cleaned and no one cares.