Israel showed no gratitude to Obama


During the 2012 re-election campaign, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu begged former president Barack Obama to address the Iranian nuclear buildup. In addition to developing nuclear capability, Iranian leaders were vowing to drive the little state of Israel into the sea. Netanyahu was irate. He cared less about Obama winning a second term. He must have thought that the Obama presidency was a fluke; candidate Mitt Romney would surely be the next president.

Netanyahu wanted to bomb Iranian nuclear sites, but Obama asked him to hold off until after his re-election. As I think back about the time period, Netanyahu was very disrespectful to the president. It appeared that his perception of Obama was very much like Mitch McConnell’s and the House Republicans.

Immediately after re-election, Obama met with Iranian leaders. The result was the Iranian nuclear deal. That pact is backed by United States allies, China and Russia. Since the signing, France and other countries have fomented deep economic ties with Iran. Most important, the pact averted war in the region.

Think about it. Even if the pact has flaws, withdrawing from the pact won’t help. Donald Trump and Netanyahu are being guided by some mysterious force. We can’t solve school shootings, but we pretend that we can solve problems that are over 2,000 years-old.

My hat goes off to former President Barack Obama. He kept Israel out of war and Netanyahu showed no gratitude. He laid out the blueprint for the presidency, but Donald wouldn’t follow it. That brings to mind an old classic saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.”